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Best Android Apps: 15 best apps for Android

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Looking for the best Android apps? Our round-up of the best apps for Android includes categories for the best productivity apps, best travel apps, best lifestyle apps and many more. We include free Android apps and paid apps and we add a new App of the Week every week.


What is Hooks?

Hooks is a nifty little app designed to keep you up-to-date with the things that you care about, whether that may be the release of a new movie, upcoming football fixtures or a new tweet from somebody you’re following. If you’ve ever used Google Alerts or IF (aka IFTTT) before, you’ll get to grips with Hooks in no time.

What’s good?

You can set up alerts for a hell of a lot of different things, and the process is really straightforward. Simply tap the big red button and choose from a lengthy list of categories, including TV shows, events and weather.

Want to know when the next episode of Game of Thrones will air? Easy. Keen to find out about any upcoming free events in London? Sorted. Need to be the first person to find out when a website goes down? You get the drift.

If you’re short on inspiration, you can always zip across to the Popular and Suggested hooks lists too. What’s more, the Hooks development team has hinted at possible future integration with IF, which lets you link a range of internet-connected tools and platforms and automate a bunch of different tasks.


What’s bad?

The only thing standing between Hooks and a top rating is its erratic delivery of push notifications. The app needs to seriously up its game in this regard, and fast. We keep having to actually open the app to check our alerts, as notifications are pushed so infrequently. Some users appear to have had better luck than us, while the situation’s a little worse for others.


An extremely promising app, especially if you have a lot of different interests. However, the basics need fine-tuning.

Score: 8/10 | Price: Free | In-app purchases? Yes | Download Hooks

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