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Best Android Apps 2014: 10 must-have Android apps

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Best Android apps

Looking for the best Android apps to download for your HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 or tablet like the Nexus 7? Here's our pick of Google Play essentials

Whether you're a current Android phone owner, or you've just bought a phone from our best Android phones shortlist, seeking out the best Android apps is a sure-fire way of getting the most from your phone.

For our list of the best Android apps we've tried to pick out some of the best new additions in different categories, but we've also stuck with the best older apps if no new app can easily compare with it.

We’ve tried to cover every different basic category of app, from music and video players to messaging apps and Microsoft Office-style suites so you can get up and running with a new phone as soon as possible.

Hit the arrow above or below to start the run-down, and feel free to recommend your own favourites to be added to this list in the comments below.

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