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Best Android Apps: 21 best apps for Android

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office lens

Looking for the best Android apps? Our round-up of the best apps for Android includes categories for the best social media apps, best travel apps, best news apps and many more. We include free Android apps and paid apps and we add a new App of the Week every week.

APP OF THE WEEK: Office Lens

What is Office Lens?

Office Lens is a new app that transforms your smartphone camera into a full-blown scanner. Created by Microsoft, it’s designed to work best with the company’s productivity programs, such as the Office 365 suite, OneDrive and OneNote.

What’s good?

You can use Office Lens to digitise almost anything you’d like to, including whiteboard notes, receipts, business cards and documents. It automatically identifies the object you’d like to capture, surrounding it with a bold white line. When you press the camera button, it cuts out anything lying outside that virtual border.

Office Lens also offers you a broad range of options. You can make use of Whiteboard, Document and Picture modes, and save your scans as PDF, PowerPoint and Word files. Whiteboard and Document are the most useful settings. The former lets you quickly create digital versions of the physical notes you might jot down in a meeting, while the latter automatically recognises printed text with optical character recognition (OCR).

This essentially means that you have the power to edit physical documents on your mobile or laptop, as well as copy text and search for words in them.

office lens

What’s bad?

Pictures are sometimes dramatically over-processed in Whiteboard mode, leading to the odd bizarre-looking image dotted with bright blue and red. While impressive, OCR also needs a little work, as Lens misreads characters from time to time.


Office Lens is a genuinely handy app, especially for those of you who don’t have regular access to a scanner.

Score: 9/10 | Price: Free | In-app purchases? No | Download Office Lens

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Is there an app you love that you think should be our Android App of the Week? Let us know in the comments below.

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