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BenQ XL2410T - Performance Continued, Value and Verdict

John Archer

By John Archer



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With vibrant colours joining the monitor's sharpness, brightness and fast response talents, there's no doubt at all that the XL2410T is a superior screen for hardcore gamers.

The XL2410T is definitely not without its flaws, though. For a start, getting the best from its images requires more work than it should, because the picture presets the screen comes equipped with vary between average and downright horrible. Even the potential headlining FPS setting is a no-go area, with its over-the-top brightness and washed out colours.

So some calibration is in order. Luckily this doesn't have to be too complicated, and mostly entails ramping down brightness and contrast settings while manipulating the gamma setting - potentially on a game by game basis if you really want to optimise its efforts. It's certainly puzzling, though, that BenQ couldn't have come up with better presets itself after putting so much effort into other aspects of its screen's performance.

Another hitch is a common one with TN Film screens: a very limited viewing angle. Move as little as 30-degrees off-axis and colour saturations and, especially, contrast levels plummet.

The screen's black level response isn't particularly profound either, at least with the screen calibrated to produce the most natural colours and peak brightness levels. Though the monitor does still reveal shadow detail in dark areas quite well, which is more important for gaming than getting a really deep black colour.

Finally, we're not great fans of the potentially promising Advanced Motion Accelerator. For while it does palpably reduce the small amount of 'trailing' behind and blurring over moving objects, it creates other processing artefacts of its own, most noticeably blue or black 'ghosting' around moving objects. In fact, we quickly decided that we preferred the look and feel of the XL2410T's images with AMA turned off.


Now that online gaming is such a huge part of any hardcore gamer's 'arsenal', response time and especially input lag are king when it comes to picking a monitor. And the XL2410T delivers the goods on both these fronts to what appears to us to be an unprecedented degree, especially where input lag is concerned - although due to its lack of 120Hz in 3D mode, gaming doesn't feel quite as smooth.

Just bear in mind that you'll have to sit pretty much right in front of the monitor and commit to some calibration time if you want to get the very best out of it.

Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Value 8

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