Acer Aspire 5536-744G50Mn - 15.6in Laptop - Acer Aspire 5536-744G50Mn

Ardjuna Seghers

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While nothing out of the ordinary, the Aspire 5536's connectivity is certainly adequate. Along the left hand side we have the power jack, a Gigabit Ethernet port, HDMI and VGA video outputs, two USB ports and three 3.5mm audio jacks, allowing for both digital and analogue surround sound.

There's a memory card reader at the front that will take MMC, SD/HC, xD and MS/Pro/Duo, while on the right reside a further two USB ports and the tray-loading DVD-Rewriter, as well as a modem port for those unfortunates who still can't get broadband.

Aurally this Aspire is quite good, with one caveat. While it impresses with volume levels that match its bigger cousins, its smaller chassis lets it down by producing noticeable distortion at anything higher than half the maximum volume. However, even at 50 per cent its speakers are still louder than those of many similarly-sized laptops, and they manage to produce a relatively deep soundstage. Meanwhile, thanks to Dolby Home Theater processing, the 5536 will make the most of external speakers or headphones.

Unfortunately the 15.6in screen, with its 1,366 x 768 resolution, isn't as satisfying. Vertical viewing angles are particularly poor, meaning you have to tilt it at just the right angle to get the best out of it. Greyscale performance is also slightly below-par, so you'll lose detail in particularly bright or dark scenes depending on angle. Banding across gradients is noticeable, though there's no sign of backlight bleed, colours are deep without being oversaturated and even small text is sharp.

Getting onto internals, we have a dual-core AMD Turion X2 RM-74 running at 2.2GHz leading the show. It's important to note that this is the non-Ultra version of the Turion range and is consistently outperformed by Acer's own Aspire 7535G-824G50Mn, which uses the AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-82 running at the same 2.2GHz. Already not the strongest-performing mobile parts, this Turion even falls behind the Toshiba Satellite L300-29T's 1.8GHz Intel Celeron processor. Even so, it should still perform well enough for the average consumer's needs, though you will experience slower boot times and will quickly notice its limitations in very CPU intensive tasks.


September 26, 2009, 1:37 am

Did you pick up on the fact that it comes with a blu ray sticker on the front but no actual blu ray player!! Was assured by teh salesman at Currys that it is indeed Blu Ray only to get home and have no response to the disc.

Geoff Richards

September 26, 2009, 4:40 am

Sorry to hear you were mislead, Abz. As you can see on Page 2, our review (accurately) lists this laptop as having a DVD Rewriter. Acer does have several Blu-ray models, such as the Acer Aspire 5738G-644G32Bn, though that's more like £600 compared with £499 for this model.

Pop back to Currys and get a refund, or swap it for a Blu-ray model


August 4, 2010, 8:45 pm

for some reason i feel this is one of the best laps i have owned. i even puked on my lap and it stills works like a brand new. what else can i expect from this???

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