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Western Digital ShareSpace 2TB - Western Digital ShareSpace 2TB

By Dave Mitchell



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During share creation you can decide whether to make them public or set read and write permissions for specific users. You can control appetite for disk space by using global quotas for volumes or apply them to selected users. An internal database handles local groups and users for access security but Active Directory authentication can be used instead, where details of a Windows domain controller are provided (and one is available).

Multimedia features are thin on the ground as the ShareSpace doesn't support UPnP media services for streaming to suitable media players. All you get is the near-ubiquitous iTunes server and the only configurable option is the scan time-interval to check for new music which can range between five minutes and one day.

In keeping with the majority of NAS appliance vendors, the ShareSpace offers a Downloader feature for retrieving remote files using HTTP and FTP, but not BitTorrent. Accessing this feature isn't well documented at all as you need to set up a destination share and password in the Download section of the advanced mode page. Next, you select the Downloader option in the drop-down Tools menu on the main login screen and enter the username of ‘downloader'. The resultant screen allows you to create download tasks and schedule them to run regularly.

Performance isn't inspiring as copies of a 2.52GB video clip over Gigabit Ethernet returned read and write speeds of 23.2MB/sec and 15MB/sec. FTP operations were noticeably faster with the FileZilla client utility returning read and write speeds of 36MB/sec and 16.3MB/sec.

The appliance comes with the AnyWhere Backup software which does not support Windows Server operating systems but for workstation backup includes a license for three systems. It's easy enough to use as you create backup plans for selected files and folders and decide how many versions of a file should be kept. It also offers encryption and if you select the continuous backup option it'll automatically take copies of any new or modified files in real time.


Compared with the latest NAS appliances from the likes of Synology and Netgear, the ShareSpace comes up short on features and lags behind for performance. However, installation and management has been nicely streamlined so it's very easy to use and both the 2TB and 4TB models look comparatively good value.

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Craig Turner

January 13, 2009, 4:29 am

It certainly looks the part, not sure if I misread but is that metal or silver plastic? Oh and MioNet, are they OSX compatible? It reminds me when I bought a 1TB MyBook which obviously came with MioNet and not even did it have Vista support - this is something like 18 months back?

Any, performance results (as I don't know how'd they compare) aside I'm still happy to have bought a Drobo V2, my very own little black box! Nicely ticking away with 4x 1TB F1's.

It's pretty amazing to see how many are being produced by all the different companies nowadays with clearly many people seeking much more storage at home!


May 29, 2009, 7:56 am

The review states that the ShareSpace does not support UPnP media services yet the Western Digital website claims that it is UPnP certified for streaming multimedia.

"Stream digital media anywhere in your home - Built-in media server for streaming music, photos and movies to any DLNA certified multimedia device such as Playstation® 3, Xbox 360®, wireless digital picture frames, and connected audio receivers. DLNA 1.5 & UPnP certified." Can you please clarify what this actually means? On first read it sounds as though you can stream to UPnP devices but re-reading the statement it appears as though there is only support for streaming to DLNA devices.


November 12, 2010, 2:39 pm

Let me tell you all weaknesses as an owner that not easily seen from reviews:

1. On manual, it said you have to use WD hard disk, although I didn't try

2. Agent will tell you it is not design for disks with mix sizes. Although I got it work, but they won't garentee and I am on my own

3. You cannot expand by replacing disk one by one as supported by Netgear X-RAID or Drobo Beyond RAID. That means, if you have 4 disk and run out of space, then you need to copy your data somewhere, replace all 4 of them, then copy the data back. Imagine you have 3 TB of data, and the auto back up button not work.

4. Painfully slow

5. Awkard design that you have to take out the whole cover to change disk, instead of just flip open a door. So, it needs to be put in an open space

6. I have 4 external hard disk and the auto backup function only work on one of them, that means, I have to rely on the slow network interface

7. I have one of the disk failed after 9 months

8. Poor technical support agents who know nothing but read out the answer from the knowledge base

9. Firmware 2.2.9 completely screw up. And take them a long time to release a patch

10. Doesn't seem reliable. Read the WD community link and you can see other people's problem. (http://community.wdc.com/t5...

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