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Teufel reckons that its Impaq 40 offers the performance of a full range stereo system in a compact format - a feat that other systems fail to accomplish, apparently. Having proved itself to us time and time again as a manufacturer that knows how to build quality, well-priced audio equipment, it's therefore well worth seeing what Teufel's £300 CD player can do.

The CD-receiver IP 40 CR (as Teufel calls the main bulk of the system) falls short of being a thing of beauty, but I'd be lying if I said the tasty matt black exterior and especially the thick slice of brushed metal adorning its front, didn't make it attractive in a functional way. At 275mm x 125mm x 350mm it's small enough to find a home in most rooms and its 5.8kg bulk suggests some quality innards - even discounting the mass of the case itself.

All of the controls on the front have a wonderfully solid action; the buttons depressing with a very satisfying 'clunk' and the volume knob, while free to rotate indefinitely, is notched in distinct yet fine steps.

There are a number of ports on the front, too, including a USB port, enabling playback of MP3 files from an external storage device, or attachment of Teufel's optional iPod dock. Additionally, a 3.5mm line-in and a stereo RCA auxiliary input are hidden behind a plastic cover. There is also a 6.35mm headphone output. Around the rear is a hard power switch, the outputs for the system's two speakers, a subwoofer output, a stereo phono output and three inputs, and last, but not necessarily least, the system's radio antennae input.

The speakers measure 200mm x 320mm x 274mm, weigh in at 7.2kg and are finished in an attractive glossy black. The front grill can be removed to reveal the 125mm midrange driver and 25mm dome tweeter, and the system definitely looks better this way. At each speaker's rear are the binding posts for wiring them up to the IP 40 CR receiver. Helpfully, Teufel supplies two matched lengths of wire in the package.

Hans Gruber

January 23, 2010, 8:26 am

"For those constrained by realistic budgets the difference in quality probably won't be worth the difference in pric" - missing an 'e'.

I noticed a sub out option, so are compatible subwoofers available as optional extras and would they really be needed?

On reflection, it seems a shame such a nice solid little system doesn't appear to offer much by way of MP3 playback. It'd been much more desirable were it able to playback (shudder) uncompressed FLAC or WAV files say, and from not just USB sources; I'm thinking wifi or even ethernet. Together with a more capable display you'd have a killer system fit to grace any living room for casual music entertainment, something most of us (with lesser needs than uber-audiophiles) couldn't afford to ignore so long as the price was as enticing as this Teufel Impaq 40 Mini Stereo System appears to have.


January 23, 2010, 2:59 pm

Just the review I was hoping for :) Looks like a great choice for the money. Pity you didn't try connecting a sub for the system, that would've been interesting.

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