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Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB - Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB

By Hugo Jobling



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Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB


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Super Talent has given the Pico-C drives an additional trick too, rating them as waterproof. In reality all flash drives should survive submersion as long as they're dried out before being used, but having the manufacturers reassurance that a quick dunking in H2O, or more likely a C8H10N4O2-infused liquid, won't lead to your flash drive's premature death.

Such claims need testing, and I was pleased to see that after copying a few files onto the drive before "accidentally" dropping it into a glass of water caused absolutely no damage. All that I needed to do was give the drive a quick wipe on my jumper to dry it off and plug it in - simplicity itself.

Adding to this functionality the drive also offers a pretty decent level of performance. Using Vista Service Pack 1 x64 and a 726MB file, the 8GB drive averaged a write speed of 8.3MB/s and a read speed of 23.6MB/s. Using a folder comprising 150-odd MB of various Word documents and images, slightly slower 5.2MB/s write and 21.4MB/s read speeds were obtained.

Subjectively the drive was just fast enough that transferring files doesn't take so long as to cause real frustration, but we'd always like to see faster flash chips being used - especially on the write speed front. Considering the teeny tiny size and the comparatively huge capacity, though, the speed is more than accetable. Last in this area, while you probably wouldn't use a drive like this for Windows ReadyBoost I can report that it is compatible should you wish to do so.


When all is said and done Super Talent isn't selling this drive off the back of its performance. The unique selling point is clearly the cramming of a large storage capacity into such impressively small dimensions. Add in the attractive price and it's clear that the 8GB Pico Drive is a real winner. What more can I say?

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January 4, 2010, 6:00 pm

It is a response about a product. Not a good response, but I should write it - not to hold insult.

To me have presented USB flash-drive Pico_C 16Мб (beautiful, a metaface), and here has started:

1. Failures in operation linked to a statics and bad contact with USB port (defect appeared on different computers). After failures the data on flash-drive is lost.

It was necessary to format.

2. After approximately 3-4 months after the next failure it has died (brakes at each call to a device and lag Explorer'a on 15 сек, speed has fallen to 4мб/4мб). The letter written to a support service of the company has not given any results - THEY AT ALL DID NOT RESPOND TO my LETTERS, at their forum I have created a subject http://supertalent.com/home... and till now silence. I have read responses at the same forum of a site of manufacturer Supertalent on their other products I have understood that my gift are in vain spent money.


Beauty of a device - 9 points

Tools/support - 0 points

Reliability - 1 point

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