Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive 8GB Deals

By Hugo Jobling



January 4, 2010, 6:00 pm

It is a response about a product. Not a good response, but I should write it - not to hold insult.

To me have presented USB flash-drive Pico_C 16Мб (beautiful, a metaface), and here has started:

1. Failures in operation linked to a statics and bad contact with USB port (defect appeared on different computers). After failures the data on flash-drive is lost.

It was necessary to format.

2. After approximately 3-4 months after the next failure it has died (brakes at each call to a device and lag Explorer'a on 15 сек, speed has fallen to 4мб/4мб). The letter written to a support service of the company has not given any results - THEY AT ALL DID NOT RESPOND TO my LETTERS, at their forum I have created a subject and till now silence. I have read responses at the same forum of a site of manufacturer Supertalent on their other products I have understood that my gift are in vain spent money.


Beauty of a device - 9 points

Tools/support - 0 points

Reliability - 1 point

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