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Sleek Audio W1 Wireless Headphone Adapter - Sleek Audio W1 Wireless Headphone Adapter

By Edward Chester



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Aside from the pouch, you don't get any other accessories with the W1 bought separately. If you buy the bundle, though, you also get the replacement tips, tip cleaner, cable, bass and treble ports, and treble tip removal tool that come with the SA6 phones. The bass + port has also been updated to a new bass ++ which is meant to give a bit more kick to your bass lines.

Sound quality is largely determined by the SA6 earphones, which we do think are rather good with the cutting-edge extended-range drivers providing fuller bass than we're used to from a single driver design while maintaining an impressive level of clarity at the top end. However, there is definitely a very light background hiss added to the proceedings, by the W1, that could prove distracting if you listen to a lot of classical music with quiet passages (solo piano, quartets, that sort of thing) for instance. However, for the most part this hiss was masked by even fairly quiet track audio and also by the murmur of background noise that will inevitably leak through the phones.

One small complaint we did have was that when you plug the receiver into an audio source and also when you turn the adapter on it causes the headphones to thump and crackle (as audio devices tend to when you unplug or plug inputs), which can be loud and painful if you've already inserted the earphones. It's an easy scenario to avoid but does catch you out every now and again.

Overall, though, we really like the W1. Unlike Bluetooth headphones, the wireless experience can be used with any audio source, the receiver is very comfortable and unobtrusive, and the audio quality is impressive. The only real problem is the price, which at £100 is simply too much for us to outright recommend it. It's not extortionate but you should probably have a good long think as to whether you really need your earphones to be wireless.


The Sleek Audio W1 wireless headphone adapter is a great product and, whether bought separately or bundled with Sleek Audio's SA6 headphones, it is one of the best wireless audio systems we've used. You do, though, pay quite a premium for ditching those wires and we feel the price needs to drop a little before we could recommend them to everyone.

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  • Value 8
  • Sound Quality 8

Hamish Campbell

December 17, 2008, 8:12 pm

So the receiver must get a signal and then amp it up right? Which means you are relying on the amp of the receiver.

Does this mean if you have forked out for an MP3 player with superior sound (or are cheap and nerdy like me and use a penguinamp) then that is wasted and you are really getting the sound interpretation of the sleek receiver?


December 17, 2008, 8:46 pm

Yeah, as you would with any wireless headphone set.

Shaun @ HiFi Headphones)

December 19, 2008, 4:29 pm

Yes, indeed the W-1 neck pendant has an amp built in, so you are not driving the SA6 directly with the MP3 player.

My understanding from reading Head-fi forum posts from Jason at Sleek Audio is that the amp has been tuned on the W-1 pendant to improve the bass punch of the SA6 a little. The SA6 is a 50 Ohm earphone, so needs a little more driving than some other earphones.


December 28, 2008, 12:04 am

This product looks useful to me while recording guitar to a digital 8-track. I know that you have said that it will work with any audio equipment but would like your opinion on whether there would be any problems with mt preferred use for the device.


Shaun @ HiFi Headphones)

January 2, 2009, 4:11 am

If the 8-track has a standard headphone output socket then the Sleek Audio earphones would work fine. If the device doesn't have a headphone output, but does have a line level output then you could drive headphones with a dedicated headphone amplifier.


January 23, 2013, 12:02 pm

where can I buy these?

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