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SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 USB Flash Drive - SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 USB Flash Drive

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SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 USB Flash Drive


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No such worries with the Cruzer though as the USB plug slides in and out via a plastic switch in the centre. A small ring is located on one corner so you can attach it to a key-ring, although this seems a tad flimsy. Alternatively, a slide on clip is provided so you can have it clipped to a jacket pocket. Another option is the lanyard chain provided. When you plug it in, a light underneath the plastic slider switch illuminates – naturally this is blue, and this flickers when there’s disc activity.

Copying a 351MB single file over from a local hard disk to the drive only took 28.5 seconds, giving a data rate of 12.31MB/s – not far off the quotes “lightening fast” 15MB/s boasted off on the package. With a larger 699MB file this actually dropped to 11.65MB/s, taking exactly one minute. We then tried a very demanding transfer of 767MB of images – lots of relatively small files and here the figure dropped down to 7.03MB/s (1m 49 seconds). Still it’s a lot faster than any of the Microdrive based portable hard disks I’ve tested, though of course those tend to be around 8GB in capacity. The read speeds from the drive of the same mixed files was a lot higher at 11.82MB/s and 13.7MB/s for the 699MB file.

If the 2GB drive isn’t big enough, Sandisk does offer a 4GB version, though at the time of writing it had yet to appear on the supplier’s web site. In the mean time though the prices for the 2GB and 1GB are simply amazing. MyMemory claims it has a 30 per cent off offer and the price of £42.39 including VAT for the 2GB drive is eye wateringly low. The 1GB costs a paltry £17.99.

You can get a non U3 enabled from for around £10 less, but with 2GB to play with at such a bargain price you might as well buy a U3 enabled drive even if you don’t think that you’ll need it to start with, as at least it gives you the option in the future.


The U3 enabled Sandisk Cruzer Titanium, is compact, rugged, fast and very affordable. As such, there’s really nothing here to find fault with and as such this comes highly recommended.

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September 5, 2009, 7:08 pm

I've had the 8GB version for some time and was initially very interested in using the U3 platform. Gradually however, I began to realise that support for U3 and in particular for application packaged to run portably on the U3 platform is fading rapidly away.

The first application I installed was Mozilla Thunderbird for U3. The only version available wasn't even up to the latest release although with Thunderbird this isn't a problem: it updates itself in place. For other applications though, they either aren't packaged for U3 at all or have not been kept up-to-date with the latest releases.

The solution has been to swap instead to the well supported PortableApps platform. Initially I installed it alongside U3 on the same device and that worked well. However, I have now completely removed U3 and converted over entirely to PortableApps and not regretted it for a minute.

PortableApps is not the only player though. You can consider instead SmithTech's Portable Menu, which does much the same job. As for U3, it's history.


November 1, 2009, 4:51 pm

I've been using the 1GB version for a long time (I don't have much files to take with me.) and it's the most indestructible thumbdrive I've ever used. When you drop it, you hear a solid metal thunk, not the sound of plastic.

A person drove over it with a car, with the thumbdrive propped at an angle to ensure highest 'damage', and other than some scratches it escaped unharmed. The same couldn't be said of the other thumbdrives sacrificed in the name of science, though... ;)

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