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By Stuart Andrews



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Up until recently I've tended to switch audio enhancements off, as I'm not a big fan of unnatural, heavily processed sounds. This year, however, a few players have surprised me, and the Samsung is another where I'm happy to leave them on. Even if you insist on using the mediocre earbuds supplied you'll find the output quite listenable. Connect some better cans - this week I'm using the lovely SoundMagic PL50 earphones and my Grado SR60i headphones - and the YP-Q2 is capable of some truly excellent results.

Looking for Nothing, from Aimee Mann's @#%&*! Smilers is delivered with its thumping, sixties-flavoured bassline, nuanced vocals, discrete strings and warm electric piano and organ sounds all perfectly balanced and wonderfully clear. Public Enemy's By the Time I Get to Arizona is as bass-heavy and brimming with anger as you'd want it, the YP-Q2 packing in the heavy beats, loping bassline and carefully orchestrated samples with real precision.

The more restrained delights of Alison Krauss' folksy bluegrass are handled with just as much grace, finger-picked acoustics cutting through with superb definition and the vocals coming through so clearly that you can hear the intakes of breath between lines. The Q2 also delivered a great performance with Gidon Kremer's take on the tango of Astor Piazolla, plucked double bass and accordion providing a sparse backing for Kremer's mournful violin.

It's always a good sign when I forget what I'm supposed to be doing and spend time running through a player's media library to see what else I've put there and give it a spin. Last night the Q2 kept me up for a couple of hours past bedtime doing just that, and I can't say that about, say, the slightly inferior Creative Zen MX or Samsung's own YP-U5. On top of this excellent performance, the Samsung also wins points for format support (Hello FLAC! Nice to see you OGG!) and excellent battery life - 50 hours for audio, albeit with a rubbish 4 for video.

For me, this is enough to make up for the YP-Q2's rather less impressive efforts with video, and if you want a PMP primarily for audio playback, then it's hard to beat Samsung's latest in terms of value. Unfortunately, that's 'hard', rather than 'impossible'. Looking around, I note that Sony's S-Series Walkmans are currently doing the rounds at very similar or lower prices, for the same capacity, offering equivalent sound quality and better bundled headphones to boot. If you were interested in a great audio/video all-rounder, meanwhile, then the extra cash splashed out on Samsung's own YP-P3 would be money well spent. This leaves the YP-Q2 a thoroughly decent budget PMP - and certainly a better choice than Creative's similar Zen MX - but, for all Samsung's efforts, not a world-beater.


Despite some caveats about video playback and file format support the YP-Q2 is an improvement on the already good YP-Q1, and one of the best budget PMPs around. However, with competition so aggressive at this price point, it's still possible to do slightly better for the money.

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August 16, 2009, 5:54 pm

Nice review - play have the 16gb version for £80 - but as you said, the 16gb sony S639 is only £90 on amazon, and includes better headphones. Also, did you get 50 hours battery life from it or is that Samsung's figure? Lastly, is there an upcoming review of the new Sony E series players in the pipeline??


August 17, 2009, 7:04 pm

Thanks Mik. The battery life quoted is Samsung's figure - I didn't have time to do what I'd call a proper test - but my experience seems to bear this out, give or take an hour or two. I really like the Q2, but given the prices the Sony is currently going for, I'd spend my own money that way if I were buying a new player.

I'll find out if there are any plans to review the E series. I'd be surprised if there weren't.



August 27, 2009, 5:04 pm

I recently purchased the 16GB YP-Q2 and I'm having trouble with BBC iPlayer too; there doesn't seem to be any concise help out there to sort that out. I love the sound quality of the player, and its touch control is an interesting feature but sometimes I inadvertently touch the wrong one!). Just a shame that I can't drag and drop mp4 or wmv videos and have to convert them to .svi via EmoDio.


October 24, 2009, 9:35 pm

Page 3 paragraph 2: Did you mean "discreet"? I'm not sure from the context, but I think it's a typo.

Also, Ogg isn't the audio format, it's the container, Ogg Vorbis is the audio codec. I'm guessing it doesn't support Ogg Theora, the video format/codec?

There's been references in the news section to the Sansa Clip+, saying it is probably the best budget choice, are we going to get a full review? The last Clip review was the 1Gb back in 2007. Or are you waiting until it is available on these shores?



June 3, 2013, 3:20 pm

I got a question:

I have purchased Samsung YP-Q2 4 Gb.
I was wondering if I can create more playlist.

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