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Andy Vandervell

By Andy Vandervell



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If the T240HD is a competent if slightly middling TV, it continues in a similar vain as a monitor. In our monitor tests, it struggles to produce dark level details, with dark grey shades fading to black and lighter ones to white and some red/brown contamination in darker grey shades.

Colour production is largely solid, though there's a hint of banding in the middle of the 256 colour scale. On a positive note there was a pleasing lack of backlight bleed, with only a sliver of light from the bottom edge detectable under normal viewing conditions. Likewise, uniformity across the panel is decent - the bottom left quadrant appears slightly brighter than the top section but it's no worse than any monitors we've seen at similar price points.

Where the T240HD does excel is in sharpness. Text in particular is sharp and well defined all the way down to 6.8 point Arial and this detail is borne out in high definition video and games, where there's a pleasing crispness and clarity to images. There's a 1:1 pixel mapping mode, labelled simply as '16:9', so 1080p sources are displayed properly with no scaling, though anything less than 1080p is scaled to fit the screen while retaining the original aspect ratio.

Motion handling is a little less impressive and like SD content, the lack of a typical TV's more advanced picture processing is at fault. Slow panning shots produced a slightly irritating level of judder and games like FIFA 08 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, titles that are quite challenging in terms of motion, highlighted the ghosting and smearing that to an extent is unavoidable in an LCD monitor or TV.

Despite some obvious weaknesses, however, we still come out rather liking the T240HD. Not enough, perhaps, to recommend it unreservedly, but nothing we've seen combines the style and versatility of a TV with the practicality of a monitor as well as it does. It boasts prodigious connectivity and though not outstanding as a TV or a monitor, it's more than good enough for most needs and offers a resolution that can handle high quality sources and make them look good, too.


It may not be the best TV or monitor around, but as a combination of the two the Samsung T240HD is pretty decent and if its versatility and style suit your needs, there can be little arguing over the price either.


August 22, 2008, 3:52 am

I would rather wait for Freesat to mature, get a pc sat card and HD monitor and save on the redundancy of SD on an otherwise expensive monitor! With the Sat card I can then use the output on my HD projector.


July 4, 2010, 12:50 pm

I've been using one of these for some months now, mainly as a computer monitor where I needed occasionally to be able to connect to video sources. A few slightly negative points to add:

Sometimes it can be reluctant to start up when the PC wakes up (PC connected by DVI). The only way to overcome this seems to be to start pressing buttons (power / input select) on the monitor to start it up.

There is no S-Video input, only composite. The quality from this input is pretty basic, with lots of dot crawl around coloured edges.

The sound quality is indescribably poor. You really don't want to use it's built-in speakers.

I very much agree with the trustedreviewer's comments about lacklustre Freeview pictures, it's OK for occasional use but watching a screen this large from close up (which you are likely to do since it's primarily a computer monitor), really shows how bad Freeview can be.

BUT, on a positive note: It's a super computer monitor. It gives much better results from the DVI input than the VGA connector, so don't use the latter unless you have to. And it's handy for a computer monitor to also be a video monitor, something I need for my business.

A minor quibble, the edge of the plastic around the screen should have been beveled out slightly. You can find reflections from the inside edge of the surround are distracting.

Despite its weaknesses, I'm very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a top quality computer monitor who needs occasional TV / AV monitor functionality.

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