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Ardjuna Seghers

By Ardjuna Seghers



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Having just criticised its touch-sensitive controls, I am obliged to mention that the 225uw's power button is a notable exception, as it is almost too easy to use. It consists of a wider strip cleverly integrated into the aforementioned silver ridge, with a very modest little blue LED beside it. Not only is this power strip a design success, but even the lightest touch anywhere along its large surface will activate it.

Naturally, image quality is still the paramount factor in even a multi-function display, and here I found the 225uw to be generally good. To get the biggest negative out of the way, the monitor confirms its low contrast rating by completely failing to distinguish subtle whites or blacks. There was also some brown tinting over specific grey shades and slight backlight bleed from the lower bezel, though none of this makes this Samsung unsuitable for its intended use, or prevent you from enjoying the occasional film or game.

In general, colours are a bit more accurate than usual (as long as you leave the MagicColor system turned off), since even in Samsung's Movie mode they are not as over-saturated as we often find on TNs. Sharpness is good, and even small text is perfectly legible. Viewing angles are also a slight bit above average for a screen based on TN-technology - not that that means they're particularly note-worthy.

In terms of competition, the SyncMaster 225uw instantly distinguishes itself from other 22in monitors sporting webcams by stepping up from the usual 1.3 to 2 Megapixels, though if you want a quality feed you'll still have to buy a separate web-camera. The above-average integrated microphone and multiple inputs all running from a single USB connection are also impressive, and while the panel is not going to win any prizes, it's more than capable for its intended purpose. But at around £240, it does charge a premium for its features.


Aimed primarily, though not necessarily exclusively, at the business sector, Samsung's SyncMaster 225uw combines all the features necessary for virtual office communication in a stylish 22in monitor. Sadly, its average panel and high price mean you'll only want to consider it if you specifically need what it offers.

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  • Value 6
  • Image Quality 6
  • Features 7
  • Design 8


July 22, 2008, 12:36 am

I have had one of these for about 3 weeks now and I would have to agree with this review overall. I couldn't find any reviews at the time I ordered it, so I kinda went with the features and the Samsung reputation, although the low contrast (700:1) did raise a bit of a red flag--as well it should have as it turns out. The contrast is indeed a bit disappointing and regular size text is not as sharp as it is on my 4 month old IMac 24 inch (by a long shot!) nor even as clear as on a 3 year old 19" LG display at work. But the webcam, integrated mic and speakers do work great for video calls on Skype, which was one of my goals for this new PC after the great integrated experience on the IMac. I am looking to order a bunch of these for work, for video conferencing, and for that they would be great, but for everyday email or word processing, the text quality is a bit hard on the eyes I would say. (Maybe I don't have all the tweaks just right yet..for eg it was really lousy before I found the LCD tweak in Windows, now it is just mildly lousy) On the up side I was able to get a great deal on it through pricematching on the ncix.com website (vancouver canada). They had it on sale for 270 Canadian which was what initially caught my attention, but with pricematching I actually got it from ncix for $230 Can (about the same in US$ these days) Which is great and makes it a much better value than the review above if you can get a price like that. But I still am looking for a similar deal in another similarly equipped 22 inch monitor (good webcam, mic and spks) perhaps from other maker, with improved display quality, and then I'll give this one away to someone in my extended family who will be very happy I'm sure. Anybody know of another display that fits that bill?



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