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If you'd prefer not to use the carousel menu there's another Samsung Today screen called, you guessed it, Samsung Today 1, which presents a simplified grid of eight chunky icons that act as shortcuts to functions such as email, SMS, the web browser and your contacts. Again it's a pretty basic and boring affair, but it does the job.

Apart from these tweaks, sadly not much else has a changed. The handset still comes preloaded with the Opera web browser (although this has now been upgraded to the latest version) and there's the same podcast application and RSS news reader.

In terms of hardware, Samsung has left the device completely untouched. This means the original i780's track pad has remained in place. It is used to control an onscreen cursor in a similar way to the trackball on Blackberry's Pearl range of handsets. The difference is that there are no moving parts on the i780's controller. Instead, an optical sensor embedded in the trackpad scans for movement of your finger over the top of it and responds accordingly. We found that it works very well and we're also happy to see that you can now drag scroll bars around simply by pressing and holding it down while you move your finger - something that you annoyingly couldn't do on the older version of the handset.

Elsewhere everything else remains the same, which is no bad thing as most of the features are still bang up to date including support for HSDPA alongside Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and onboard GPS.

The only two areas where the hardware is starting to show its age is when it comes to the screen and the camera. Compared to the 2.44in display on the likes of the Blackberry Curve 8900, the 2.55in one on the i780 not only has a lower resolution at just 320 x 320, but its colours are also less vibrant. The 2-megapixel camera on the rear could have also done with an upgrade as it's very basic with no autofocus or flash. As you would expect the shots it takes are pretty poor, especially in rooms that aren't flooded with natural light.


All in all the updated i780 is a bit of a ho-hum device to kick off the BizBee rebranding exercise. While it's a perfectly useable handset and has a decent range of features including a good keyboard and onboard GPS, it's let down somewhat by it's less than startling screen and basic camera. Perhaps the BizBee range will get a bit more exciting when Samsung gets around to launching the much rumoured Louve and Pivot Windows Mobile handsets, which are expected to be announced at the Mobile World Congress next week. In the meantime, if you already own the older i780 you should be able to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1

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March 7, 2009, 11:52 am

I just bought an SGH i780, and it's my first effort into the so-called "smart-phone" realm. In fact, I bought it on first examination and before I found your reviews. After reading one review I was a bit concerned that I might have paid a lot of money for a device that I will not be happy with. However, so far - and I am not by any means a tech-savvy mobile phone user - I am quite pleased with the device.

I have managed to connect it to at least one internet connection, although it took a bit of doing, which was not fault to the phone, and I was able to log into and check my email.

The audio quality and reception is quite acceptable and a huge improvement over my previous device. I still have problems with activation/deactivation of some services, but this hasn't been an irritant . . . yet.

I would like to be able to switch between the optical mouse, which is quite enjoyable, and a simple cursor movement, but I haven't quite figured that out yet. The navigation is quite responsive, at least to me, although one can get lost between the menus.

I am in a market where there is not a lot of real-time mobile chatting, and I don't know if I want to be that in touch with anyone. But so far, I am quite pleased with my choice of the SGH i780, particularly since choice helped me to have a viable alternative to a similar device from another manufacturer, whom I will not mention.

I do find some challenge with the manual, as it does not really give a lot of instructions on use of the device. It is as though they expect that anyone who bought the device would have some sense of mobile phone use, so they skipped over the basics. But the instructions to the more detailed functions are also quite wanting.

Any way . . . I hope this helps . . .



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