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Samsung Pro815 - Test Shots - Full Resolution Crops

By Cliff Smith



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Samsung Pro815


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A range of test shots are shown over the next three pages. Here, the full size image has been reduced for bandwidth purposes, and a crop taken from the original full resolution image has been placed below it in order for you to gain an appreciation of the overall quality. The following pages consist of resized images so that you can evaluate the overall exposure. For those with a dial-up connection, please be patient while the pages download.


As you might expect, at the lowest ISO setting the images are pin-sharp and silky smooth.


At 100 ISO there is a little image noise on the green channel, but the rest of the image is still nice and smooth.


At 200 ISO the noise is also visible on the red channel, and is slightly worse on the green, but the sharpness is still good and the picture is quite usable.


At the maximum ISO setting of 400 there is now some image noise visible in all areas of the image, but it is well controlled and the overall picture quality is still good.


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