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Samsung ML-1630W Mono Laser Style Printer review




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Samsung ML-1630W Mono Laser Style Printer
  • Samsung ML-1630W Mono Laser Style Printer
  • Samsung ML-1630W Mono Laser Style Printer
  • Samsung ML-1630W Mono Laser Style Printer
  • Samsung ML-1630W Mono Laser Style Printer
  • Samsung ML-1630W Mono Laser Style Printer


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A Samsung representative described the ML-1630W as based on the design of a Steinway piano. That's a new model of Steinway piano about the size of a vinyl record deck, cased in black plastic and containing a mono laser printer engine rather than all those outmoded strings and hammers, then... but it's true they're both glossy and black.

This is from the latest round of Samsung designer printers, for those who want to bring their peripherals out of the office under the stairs and onto the drawing room workstation or high street office desk. Looks are a big part of the appeal of the machine and it's certainly a stylish design.

Its gloss black case has a distinct step at the front, down to the 'keyboard', which is actually where the paper comes out. This is a very low-profile machine, but has a rather bigger footprint than at first appears. Unless you want your documents to end up on the desk or floor, you need to attach a clear plastic paper support to the front of the printer, which alters its looks enough to be excluded from any of the publicity shots.

Controls are reduced to power and job-cancel buttons, which are touch buttons on the ML-1630W's top surface. The status display is a matrix of 13 x 5 blue LEDs, supplemented by four, purpose-designed icons for error, paper, toner and paper jam. As well as displaying large, animated symbols and arrows, the blue LEDs show simple messages, such as ‘OPEN' when the top cover is opened. The printer also emits a series of ringtone-style beeps when issues are resolved or print jobs finish.

A push button on the front face of the printer releases a spring-loaded paper tray. Samsung refers to this as a 100-sheet tray, but this is only for 75gsm paper, lighter than normal multipurpose office stationery. We reckon 90 sheets is a more realistic figure. Either way, it's a low capacity for a mono laser, unless your needs are very modest.

At the back are sockets for USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi - it's unusual to find these three as standard on a printer costing around £100. Wireless connection is easy to achieve, as the setup routine provides for both local and network connections.

Physical setup is also straightforward. Lift the top half of the printer up and the combined drum and toner cartridge slots into the bottom section of the printer from above. This is simpler than having to locate a cartridge from the front and slide it into place.

Peter Morris

October 31, 2008, 12:20 pm

90 sheets? Surely it's 88, i.e. the number of keys on a normal Steinway...


March 10, 2009, 12:41 pm

This is a general observation about starter cartridges.

I don't work for a printer manufacturer, but I do work for a consultancy that advises on printing.

There is a genuine reason why most starter cartridges are smaller than standard, and it is not simply meanness by the manufacturers. It's because most printers have nylon gears which need a certain amount of running in. A full cartridge needs more power to overcome the resistance of the powder to the agitator paddles, especially if it has been sitting in a warehouse for maybe a year. A half cartridge needs a lot less, so this gives a chance for the gears to run in at a lower loading. This lengthens engine life and reduces infant mortality.

I suspect, in fact, that the industry is so competitive nowadays that the manufacturer makes no real profit on the printer sale until you buy the first replacement cartridge. This is certainly true of low end colour printers, where the first set of cartridges costs as much as the printer.


October 20, 2009, 2:16 am

As of 19/10/2009 this printer no longer has Wifi/Ethernet and now only has USB connectivity according to the Samsung consumer portal.


October 20, 2009, 12:37 pm

Looks like it's only in the UK where you don't get the Wifi/Ethernet connectivity. US customers are treated to another model with a different part number of ML-1630W/XAA which includes the extra connectivity. If anyone see's this model available in the UK please comment, I quite like this printer!

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