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Olympus E-PL2 - Test shots: ISO performance

The following were all shot as Large, Fine quality JPEGs under available natural light, with automatic white balance deployed and the Olympus E-PL2 set to 'Natural' Picture Mode.


With ISO set to Auto, the camera has correctly ascertained ISO200 as being up to the task, which is also the lowest manually selectable setting on the E-PL2.


We're at ISO400, usually the point at which some subtle image noise is creeping in, but here the image remains commendably clear and of little difference to what we've seen (or rather haven't) at ISO200.


ISO800 and there's some visible softening when cropping into the frame, but hardly at a noticeable level.


We're at ISO1600, and detail is beginning to take on a slight more gritty appearance - but only slightly. We'd certainly be happy continuing to shoot at this setting.


Noise is more obviously visible across the entire frame at the higher ISO3200 option, but the performance here is still comparable with what lesser compacts manage at ISO800.


More obviously grainy again at ISO6400, but still a result that one would wish to keep, so overall a commendable showing from the E-PL2.


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