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Nokia N95 - Test Shots

By Sandra Vogel



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  • Value 7
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  • Features 8
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September 9, 2008, 11:21 pm

The Satnav On the Nokia N95 didn't work, so i sued Nokia. After 30 days there was no response from Nokia and the court ordered them to refund me 𧷤....Heres my case sent to www.moneyclaim.gov.uk

"Goods "not fit for purpose".Claimant purchased a Nokia N95 mobile phone with GPS satnav. At no stage did the GPS work properly. The Claimant contacted T-mobile(sellers)who informed him that responsibility laid with NokiaUk. Nokia offered many fixes&advice on various software updates and patches &other ways to correct the defect(e.g "assisted GPS"). Many hours (hundreds) were expended over several months followingAdvice but to no avail. In Nov2007 the defendant informed the claimant that nothing further Could be done&the claiment took this as an admission that the product was "not fit for purpose". Prior to purchase the claimant researched the manufacturers specs (nokia.com). The phone was purchased from T-mobile (In-house sales line). TheClaimant made it clear to the salesperson that he only wished to purchase a phone with GPS capabilities. He was assured that the GPS would be effective.During the same call the purchase was made. The GPS proved innefective and the claimant now seeks a refund of the costs incurred with this purchase"

Keith Ackers

January 23, 2009, 10:26 pm

The phone is fine until you try to use it with Honda HFT Hands Free Telephone. I does not import the mobile phonebook which is aggravating. Nokia Customer Sevice is basically useless on this point. They are patronising and will not, or cannot, answer direct questions

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