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By Benny Har-Even



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Nextlink Invisio G5


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In the demanding environment of my car on the M25, in the rare occasions I get up to speed, the headset fared well, and callers said my voice could be heard perfectly clearly. I also had no problems hearing the other party, but whether in the car or at home, the other person always sounding a little thing and distant. The headset behaved as I would expect, and pressing the button activated the voice dialling on my phone, which once set up worked well.

For sound quality the G5 does well then, and it's reasonable in the comfort stakes. Certainly its size is a big selling point, but really it's the charging carry case that's the really ingenious aspect. You can take that with you and know that you've got plenty of talk-time to play with and just charge it occasionally. Having it in the case means you'll be less likely to lose it, as otherwise it's almost too small. On one occasion I took it off when I got inside and put it into my pocket from where it accidentally got a ‘pocket press' and made a call, so you need to be careful on that front.

Overall, I have to say I prefer my old venerable Motorola HS-850 - yes it's a porker compared to the Invisio G5, but I prefer the way I can just leave the headset off and just flip it open and pop it over my ear when a call comes in. However, if you don't want a large flashing thing on your ear and don't have a problem with in-ear headphones, then the Nextlink Invisio G5 is recommended.


The Nexlink Invisio G5 is a Bluetooth headset with some nicely designed touches. The small size is a plus, the in-ear spring plug is clever and the charging case that extends talk-time to 20 hours makes for a stylish package. If you don't mind having an in-ear solution, this is a neat Bluetooth headset.

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Ross Gibson

December 10, 2008, 12:10 am

I work as a field sales rep and as such I have covered about 30000 miles since I bought one of these about 11 months ago. The earpiece quality is in my opinion very good; even at motorway speeds, the person on the 'other end' is clear enough to easily understand. The microphone quality is excellent and reports from other people I have been talking to have been very positive. I would say however that if your car is on the noisy side or you tend to drive with a window slightly open, this can suffer as there is no noise cancellation system. The fitting style in the ear is as far as I can see completely unique. unlike many other devices, this does not rely on clamping the device to the pinna (outer part of the ear) or jamming the headset inside the canal, instead it uses what this soft-spring which bends along the inside of the pinna and holds the device in place very securely with very little movement even with rapid movement of the head. I would however highly recommend trimming (as the manual suggests) the spring to suit your ear as it is much more comfortable. I have found the battery life to be the best point of the headset. I frequently spend eight hours a day for 4 days in a row in my car and I make and receive many calls; Even with this heavy usage I still only need to charge the case and headset every 7-8 working days (remember to put it in the case when you are not using it!)

Overall I would highly recommend this headset with the only drawbacks being the high price tag and the matt finish on the charger easily wears away.

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