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By Jonathan Bray



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However, things do start to diverge, and a swift glance at the specifications suggests that the Meizu Mini is the more accomplished player. For starters, it has a considerably larger 320 x 240 2.41in screen than the nano's cramped 2in display - and this is in a package that's not much larger either (it's 78 x 46.5 x 7.3mm - WxDxH, if you're interested in the raw figures). On it you can watch Xvid format video at 20 frames per second - you'll have to convert footage using the supplied software, but it's no different to most pocket flash media players. What is different is the quality. It's super bright and sharp, and makes up for what seems like a relatively slow frame rate. In practice it's perfectly feasible to watch TV episodes and even short movies on this screen without giving yourself a headache.

Music file format support is also very impressive. In fact, aside from the highly impressive iAudio 7, the Mini has the broadest format support of any pocket-sized flash-based player I've come across. Not only can you play back MP3 and WMA files, but also OGG, APE, and the lossless formats WMA Lossless, FLAC and WAV. This is truly a player for the music aficionado, though in a slightly disappointing turn, there's no AAC support and, as a consequence, anyone looking for spoken word support is also going to be disappointed - there's no support here for the Audible Book format.

On the plus side, the Mini can be switched from MTP to MSC mode, so you can also play DRM-restricted WMA files if you've been foolish enough to purchase any. Battery life is impressive too, quoted at 36 hours of continuous audio use, compared to the Apple device's 24. And there's the usual selection of extras, from games through to utilities such as a stopwatch, calculator and calendar, plus a microphone for voice recording. The UK player's FM tuner has been disabled for import tax reasons, but can be reactivated with a firmware update (though doing this, according to the advancedmp3players website, will invalidate your warranty).

Frank 4

May 13, 2009, 7:33 pm

I have this player almost 3 years and some others.Very decent sound quality in small package plus very low price made it very popular in circles of young enthusiasts on budget.There was even phenomena:""Meizu Cult"!MeizuM6 was difficult to find!I bought mine in Shenzen.

For me its value till today is:

I can listen to my music with Meizu in my shirt pocket on hot sunny day!No other device is small and light enough,truly:"Credit Card Size"!!!Today price? 50.-$..


January 10, 2010, 6:39 am

First of all I must admit that I'm a mp3 player maniac.

I've listened to many mp3 players in searching for best sounding player to replace my old iRiver ifp 595.

I've spent hours to compare various players.

Now I can say: Meizu, beside iRiver ifp, is the best sounding player I can ever imagine.

Giving it only 5 points for sound quality is a scandal.

It's unserious. Far behind the competition may be all the other players.


Avaya Nelly

December 1, 2010, 1:57 am

I confuse when give meizu mini player sound quality only 5 from 10. I have one of them, and I can say this player is the player with the best sound in my life. The bass is so deep and the treble crisp, all the music instrument sounds very nice.

I have meizu mini player with 2 GB capacity, it looks exactly same like the picture and the specification is also same, I don't know its the whole different product or you get defect product so you said the sounds quality is bad.

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