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Matrox RT.X2 - Realtime HD Video Editing - Matrox RT.X2 - Realtime HD Video Editing

By James Morris



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Matrox RT.X2 - Realtime HD Video Editing


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However, the RT.X2 isn’t quite the complete package the RT.X100 was when it first arrived, in part due to Adobe’s new bundle deals (or lack thereof). So you don’t get any disc authoring software in the box, nor indeed anything other than Premiere Pro 2 and its associated training videos.

Not so much an upgrade, as a new era

In terms of abilities, the Matrox RT.X2 is lacking very little. However, to compare this card to the RT.X100 is a bit misleading. For a start, it’s coming in at slightly higher price than the RT.X100 was at launch, and without the comprehensive software package. So just laying down the £1,379 for the card is only the beginning. Whilst the RT.X100 was a bit picky about hardware platforms, particularly PCI chipsets, you could comfortably use it in a fairly regular PC. In this respect, one of the RT.X2’s biggest assets – its scaleability – is also one of its biggest downsides. You will need a phenomenally fast, dual-core and preferably quad-core system to get the most out of it, and faster PCs will make it better and better. But you can’t use a single-core system at all, so you’ll probably have to factor a new PC into the price as well, with turnkey systems costing at least £5,000.


So whilst Matrox has achieved an incredible benchmark in real-time editing with the RT.X2, it comes at a pretty hefty price. This will mean that the alternatives are still worth considering instead if your needs are more modest, and so is your budget. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be comparing the Matrox RT.X2 with its competitors from Avid and Canopus, both of which have had significant recent updates. So whilst we’d recommend the RT.X2 if you can afford it, tune in next week to see if there are more affordable alternatives around!

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ed barton

June 12, 2009, 6:56 pm

This card isn't worth looking at.

It requires such a high spec workstation (in terms of memory, processor and gfx card) in order to work, that unless you are editing HD, you'd be better off using the workstation without the card.

Accelerated export is NOT available to users running Adobe CS4 products, and Matrox have no intention of making that feature available. I'll just say that again, NO ACCELERATED EXPORT UNDER ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CS4!!!

You can render faster than realtime with a high speed workstation anyway, plus matrox haven't bothered to implement multithreading so one's nice multi-core workstation chugs along on a single core!

And finally with regards to HD, the card only supports HDV format, AVCHD, P2, etc are not natively supported. Anyway you must capture (via component input, no HDMI) any HD footage you want. This hardly speeds up your workflow.

Don't believe me, have a gander at http://forum.matrox.com/rtx...


January 26, 2013, 5:38 pm

I can`t even read the review since all these Ashley ads pop up and another pops up when I hit close. Later

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