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Logitech MX518 - Gaming Mouse


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With the MX518 being small enough for my quick movement method when playing games, it’s made it over the first hurdle with flying colours, but there’s so much more to this mouse than its size.

From a gaming point of view, the 1600dpi sensor found in the MX518 will be a real draw for anyone wanting to improve their frag count. Now I didn’t realise just how clumsy the movement on my basic mouse was until I started using the MX518. Playing my game of choice, Counter Strike: Source, I found that I could zero in on targets from a distance far more easily. This was obviously due to the face that I could move my crosshair with greater sensitivity and ultimately grab more of those kudos enhancing headshots.

But the MX518 isn’t just about ultimate sensitivity, it’s also about flexibility. Using the bundled Logitech application, you can pre-program five different sensitivity settings and switch between them at the touch of a button, while you’re playing your game. Located just above and below the scroll wheel are plus and minus buttons – these will switch up and down between your customised sensitivity settings. With this in game adjustment, you can work out what the best sensitivity is for each weapon in your arsenal, giving you that extra edge.

The standard left and right mouse buttons have a gentle action, but still respond with a reassuring click. The scroll wheel is, of course, invaluable both when playing games or using Windows applications. Unlike the latest Microsoft mice, the MX518’s wheel is still “notched” rather than smooth moving. Personally I prefer the notched action and Logitech has made this feature even more usable by allowing you to dictate how many lines you want each notch to scroll through a document – you can alter the scrolling in the supplied utility.

As mentioned earlier, the scroll wheel has plus and minus buttons above and below it, but there is another button even further back in the centre. This is the task switching button and once you get used to it being there, it will seriously increase your productivity in Windows. Whereas you normally have to bring your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen to select between active windows, or use Alt + Tab to toggle through them, pressing the task switching button brings up a list of open windows directly under your mouse pointer. It’s then simple to select the window that you wish to switch to, with the minimum of fuss.

Antony Aj Chandler

April 8, 2013, 4:58 pm

very helpfull,i hold the mouse the same as you,and again i have small hands too,maybe its more common than we thought!^^....anyways im comparing this with a bargain i just bought(well swapped)for brand new xbox 360 controller with usb(cost me 39.99 on saturday....couldnt get my money back as it wasn't faulty so i was suprised to see the G-% in my local cash converters for 15quid!....i swapped it with the xbox controller,plugged it in and wow am i happy,it might take some getting used too,but i can tell already this is the mouse for me....and if you goto amazon youl see they (logitech)have NONE in stock here or in the usa,which is why the price has risen dramatically,even for second hand ones..ive seen two today and both are over £200 yes 200!!i couldnt believe it either..but its true....and yes its sooo much better responsively than the control pad...which is frustrating when you cant line up the x-hairs on your enemys head in Bf3...G5 all the way for me =),just want too add the reason why i commontated here,was because i have picked up the blue G-5 with two buttons on the left side not one therefore it looks remarkably similar to your one above now...i did also see earlier a g5 with only one side button and it wasnt blue....


May 12, 2014, 8:09 pm

Sadly for some reason this mouse lately has been disconnecting on me in game or just browsing. I figure it is the wire. So I am sad and have to look for a new mouse. :(


January 21, 2015, 10:29 pm

I have this mouse and I move it the same way, thumb+ring finger

Gaming Gearhead

June 16, 2015, 4:53 pm

Very nice review. Interesting insight into your grip style Riyad, I haven't ever seen/read anyone use a mouse like that before. I would think it would be somewhat easy for you to adjust to a normal palm grip style considering that's how you use a mouse for everyday tasks (dragging windows around, clicking icons is essentially the same mechanics as say aiming in an FPS) but this would obviously take some effort and a good amount of time.

I have written my own review on the MX518 which you can read here:


I'd appreciate any comments on the post, suggestions, etc.

I used it for about 7 years everyday for regular use and gaming. To be honest, the only real reason why I changed from it was because I wore down the exterior too much and I couldn't buy a replacement (until a bit later I found out refurbished ones are available on eBay). Might be the most solid, consistent gaming mouse that has ever been made just based on my own experiences and what I've read about other gaming mice, specifically with them breaking down after less than a year of use.

Gaming Gearhead

June 16, 2015, 4:54 pm

Don't know if this will matter now or not, but you can get replacement wires on sites like eBay.

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