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Andy Vandervell

By Andy Vandervell



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Logitech G9 Laser Mouse


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At this point you've probably got the impression we rather like the G9, which given that we put the score at the beginning of the review isn't too hard. However, mere numbers cannot convey how pleasurable it is to use the G9, both in games and in normal general use.

With two large Teflon pads at either end of the mouse it tracks beautifully, providing little in the way of friction when combined with a decent quality mouse pad. In addition, the massive range of DPI settings gives you all the control you need. In game you also come to realise how well placed that DPI switcher is, enabling you to quickly select the mode you want without surrendering control of the mouse.

We also like the scroll wheel, which uses the same MicroGear technology that was featured in the excellent MX Revolution. It has a very strong and defined click-to-click mechanism, which ensures that you can quickly select the weapon you want and not scroll past, while you can also switch to a completely smooth mode for scrolling web pages and documents. Unfortunately, you must push a button underneath the mouse to switch between the two, which is one of the few glaring design issues we found.

Are there any other criticisms? Those who regularly adjust the weight of their mouse might find removing the grips to access the weight draw annoying and it doesn't look as sleek and sexy as some mice, but on the whole any material criticisms are trivial. Other than this, price is bound to be a sticking point for some. We found it available for just over £50, but many stockists are selling it for nearer £60 and sometimes more. Whether this is worth it is rather up to the individual and how great your need is for a gaming mouse but if you're a serious gamer who enjoys playing online, either casually or competitively, we can't recommend the G9 enough.


If gaming is your thing and the PC is your king then the Logitech G9 is your one stop destination for gaming domination. It's well designed, well featured and incredibly versatile and as such comes highly recommended.

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  • Value 8
  • Features 9
  • Design 9

André Matos

March 26, 2009, 10:20 pm

This is the best gaming mouse I have ever had, I say that because the impression we got since we touch the mouse is about built quality and features as well, since we can remove parts of the mouse, opening it, changing the scroll rotation and much more when we started configuring the settings of the mouse on its internal memory between 5 profile slots possible for use as the dpi and velocity control, these profiles are distinguished by led colours on the mouse.

A 5 star mouse, quite affordable for those looking for the very best gaming mouse, I must say I previously had a cheaper mouse with a very good value, the A4Tech X718 with 2000 dpi and it can be the cheap alternative of G9 because I bought it for 25 euros(in Portugal) and it includes a software disc to control the settings of the mouse and some adapters.

Cameron James

June 14, 2016, 12:55 am

this mouse is not good for gaming simply due to dpi button placement, you will inadvertently click the dpi +/- a lot during gaming as the buttons are situated directly underneath the left mouse button, its not something you will notice until you begin using this mouse in fast paced fps type games, , it will drive you crazy.Every other aspect is above average however this issue usually results in packing it up and selling it, clearly designed by a non gamer. 1 star only.

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