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Logitech G5 - Gaming Mouse


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One thing that’s very obvious about the G5 is that it’s a more focussed weapon than the MX518. This might sound a little strange since I definitely felt that the MX518 was a very focussed gaming mouse when I reviewed it, but the G5 is just that bit more hardcore. Let’s think of it in car terms – A BMW M3 is a great driver's car, while also being very comfortable and loaded with bells and whistles to remind you where all that money has gone. Now consider the BMW M3 CSL – this was a special edition version of the M3 with considerably less equipment and far less comfort, but with a price tag around £18,000 higher. So why would anyone buy the CSL? Because it was a far more focussed driver’s car – all excess weight had been dumped, major body panels were constructed from carbon fibre rather than steel and the engine, steering, tyres and suspension were honed for ultimate high-speed handling. Logitech has employed a similar “less is more” approach with the G5.

Let’s say that the laser optics inside the G5 equates to the uprated engine in the M3 CSL, but that’s only the beginning. Whereas the MX518 has two thumb buttons on the left, the G5 only has one. Also the MX518 had a handy application switching button on the top which is sadly missing on the G5. But these omissions are testament to the fact that Logitech is aiming this mouse at serious gamers and not Windows users who play the odd game. In fact, since I started using the G5 I have taken to using two mice, one standard Microsoft cordless mouse for Windows work and the G5 for whenever I fire up a game. The omission of the application switching button does bring one major advantage with it though – on the MX518 the + and – buttons for changing the sensitivity are in front and behind the scroll wheel, whereas on the G5 they are both behind the wheel and far easier to access without even thinking.

Don Raggo

October 20, 2016, 4:50 pm

I'm still using my G5 to this day, bought on day one...trusty ain't the word, such a workhorse, I'm sure I've surpassed more than 10 million clicks by now, never give me any problems except for the mouse wheel scroll went a little funky for an hour or so, back to normal right afterward ! :D


December 21, 2016, 12:26 am

same here, bought in 2008, still using in 2016, still perfect, 6 years of FPS gaming, including world of tanks , this mouse won't EVER give up , STILL cannot feel myself good with ANY of new mouses mostly because of LACK of weight ! g5 with 160 grams ! thats the monster .. and won't get in place you dont need during precision aiming .


March 15, 2017, 10:27 pm

same here, have had mine for well over 8 years and not a single problem with it. Once you find the perfect weight setup, you are golden.

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