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Lego Batman - Lego Batman

By Stuart Andrews



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Lego Batman


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Basically, Lego Batman is a blast, and old favourites like the character mixer and the ridiculous costume upgrades only add to the fun. Even though you won't know the scenes this time around, the sense of humour is still infectious, treating Batman as a slightly stiff hero, Robin as an over-exuberant and foolish sidekick and giving certain villains - particularly the lovably goonish Clayface - an appeal that they never really had in the comics or cartoons. And the sizable, larger than life cast helps the game get past the central problem with Indiana Jones - who wants to play anyone else but Indy - by making every playable character a lot of fun.

The only reasons I'm being slightly stingey and 'only' giving this an 8/10 (though still a warmly recommended one) is that a) we still get the occasional bad camera angle issue and b) I've been on the sharp end of several bugs during playthrough, including one where Batman got stuck behind scenery towards the end of a level and one where Catwoman literally disappeared during a climactic battle, forcing me to quit and replay the whole level in both cases. Otherwise, there are a few occasions where single players will get annoyed by the AI - though this really is a game best played with friends or family in any case - and the odd moment where it's just not quite clear enough where you should go or what you should do next.

Still, I'm not complaining too much. Lego Batman is another great instalment in the TT Lego series, and a game that practically any gamer of any age group should enjoy. In fact, it's one of the few games where kids can play with grown ups and you can guarantee that both will have a good time. It will doubtless sell in huge numbers and, frankly, it deserves to.


Possibly the best Traveller's Tales Lego game yet. The scenes and story might not be as familiar as the Star Wars or Indiana Jones movies, but TT has used the extra freedom to create more satisfying gameplay and a long series of great levels.

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October 14, 2008, 1:43 pm

I'm keen to get this game but I have an odd question.

I can't play most 3D games such as Halo, the old 'Doom' and many modern FPS games as they give me a headache/nausea. I've never played a Lego game before and although this looks like it's 3D, can anybody comment on the way its 3D graphics are used?

Luan Bach

October 14, 2008, 2:45 pm

It is 3D but with side-on view. I've got the same problem as you do and I've found the Lego games to be fine for me. Have been playing this co-op with my son for the last week, it has been great fun.

Matt G Baish

October 14, 2008, 3:05 pm

Its third person - more like a 3-D platform game (but much more freedom and sophisticated than that sounds :)). Also, the `camera` does pan about and zoom in and out depending on the scene/relative positions of the characters etc. (which may give you a problem see below).

I don`t think you would get the same headache/nausea which (I wildly guess) is down to some sort of motion sickness - i.e. in FPS your brain is tricked into thinking you're moving, but you're not really (opposite of reading on the bus/travelling on a Ferry :)) - but then I could be totally off the mark here. I would recommend getting hold of a 2nd hand copy of Lego Star Wars so that (if you do have problems) you can minimise your cash layout.


October 14, 2008, 5:50 pm

Thanks guys, that's really useful. I believe it may be some sort of motion sickness but it's worse with some games than others.

I bought Ratchet & Clank with my PS3 and couldn't play it for more than 5 minutes so sent it back. An hour of Burnout Paradise (demo) also caused the same affect and even the 'Pain' game that was recommended by TR causes discomfort after a while.

If this game is more of a side-on view with 3D graphics I might be ok. I guess I'll see if I can borrow it or one of the previous games to be sure.


October 15, 2008, 12:38 am

Wouldn't Lego Harry Potter, or Lego Lord Of The Rings be good? Theres some nice potential for amusing scenes and puzzles in there. Using the Wii remote for the wand or sword?

Geoff Richards

October 15, 2008, 1:20 am

I downloaded this from Steam over the weekend but I just can't get into it. Unlike the other Lego games, there seems little in the way of narrative. For example, the Lego Star Wars games followed the films we all know and love so much, and there were regular laugh-out-loud moment as you realised which bit of which film you were witnessing as you played.

No so (far) in Lego Batman. It just starts off "here's all the bad guys you'd recognise (plus some I'd never heard of!)" then I was just kinda left to beat up faceless Henchmen and collect studs without any real *reason* to play through the level :(

Even though I'm not a massive fan of LOTR and proudly have never seen a single Harry Potter film, I think both would work well as Lego games as they have great potential to follow the spirit of the earlier games.

Maybe I'm just not enough of a Batman fanboy to spot the references and have fun with Lego Batman. :(

Geoff Richards

October 18, 2008, 11:37 am

Riyad tells me it's true - I'm not a big enough fan of Batman. Cest la vie

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