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The 37LT75 can also tell you when you've set a recording that clashes and, even better, look for an alternative timeslot when the show you're interested in might get repeated. Also on hand is the facility to ‘chase playback', so that you can continue watching a programme you arrived a few minutes late to while the TV carries on recording it ahead of you.

The only slight disappointment in the 37LT75's functionality versus a Sky+ box is that it only lets you record one digital tuner at once, not two.

One thing that's really important to stress about all the 37LT75's Freeview Playback features is how impressively easy they are to use. Sure, there are one or two small areas regarding the remote and the onscreen menus that could be improved, but for the most part it's clear that LG has put considerable effort into ensuring that even the most technophobic TV novice will be recording like a good ‘un in no time.

This ease of use factor is, of course, essential. For there's a very good chance that the likely buyer of a Freeview Playback TV will be a relatively casual AV user; the sort of person only just upgrading from an old analogue TV rather than the sort of person who's long-subscribed to some kind of Sky package.

That said, LG's Freeview Playback TVs will also doubtless attract a few people who've got Sky+ but who don't want to keep spending all that monthly cash on their Sky subscriptions.

Moving away from the Freeview Playback system and into other areas of the TV's features, its core specifications find a native resolution of 1,366 x 768 and a more than respectable claimed contrast ratio of 8,000:1. Obviously this latter feature is dependent on that increasingly ubiquitous LCD TV trick of a dynamic backlight, whereby the lamp output is reduced when dark scenes are detected to boost black level response.

By the way, if you're feeling disappointed about the lack of full HD resolution on this set, our advice would be to get over it! For actually it makes all kinds of sense for a TV with a focus on Freeview Playback to opt for a 1,366 x 768 resolution, since this is a closer fit to the resolution of standard definition sources than 1,920 x 1,080.


October 22, 2008, 12:05 am

My LG 37LT75

I bought the TV in January. It looked very good. Apart from the annoying ‘auto turning over to record’ when I was watching another programme I really liked it.

Then I noticed it locking up when I was trying to turn over channels. The whole TV would lock and I had to turn the TV off and back on to get it to respond to anything other than the on/off button. I ignored it for a month or so.

It got worse over the months, so 9 months in to the warranty I contacted LG. It took a few goes but eventually an engineer was assigned. He was given the wrong address details but I managed to direct him to the flat over the phone and someone else let him in for me. He said he planned to change the main board.

When I got home the TV worked for a couple of hours at most and then locked. This time nothing worked – no power, nothing. So I went from being in an annoying situation to no TV.

I contacted LG that night. I said I was concerned that this TV was a lemon and that I didn’t want a repair but wanted a refund or a replacement. They ignored this. I eventually had an engineer assigned for today, 5 days after his previous visit resulted in the TV stopping completely.

I had a message from the engineer this afternoon on my mobile: "I've ordered a new part - it'll take a week or so"

I called customer services and said that I didn’t think this was not good enough. This was obviously a lemon and I wanted a replacement or a refund.

The person on the phone said he couldn't authorise it. He said it was policy. I asked to speak to someone else. He said I had to write to LG office. I pointed out that as they were an electronics organisation I expected them to have access to telephones - he said 'no'.

I asked to speak to a supervisor - He said there wasn't one.

I asked if he was alone in the building with nobody supervising - he said there were managers but not supervisors.

I asked to speak to a manager - he said no.

Bear in mind that the TV only had one irritating fault until their engineer showed up.

So that means no TV for at least 2 weeks. I doubt it will last more than 2 days out of the warranty no matter what they do to it. I spent more on this TV than on my computer.

My advice: Don't touch LG TVs with a bargepole.

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