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Kyocera Mita FS-1118MFP Laser MFP - Kyocera Mita FS-1118MFP Laser MFP

By Simon Williams



Our Score:


Kyocera Mita claims a top print speed of 18ppm for the FS-1118MFP, but with each of our five-page print tests taking 28 seconds, we only got 10.7ppm out of the review machine. When we increased the prince run to 20 pages, however, the test completed in 1:17, or 15.6ppm, which is encouragingly close to the maximum.

A single-page copy from the flatbed glass took just 11 seconds, a very good time and one which means small copy jobs will hardly hold you up at all. A 15 x 10cm photo print finished in 18 seconds, which is also a very reasonable time.

The print quality, given the machine’s default resolution of 600dpi, is very good. There's very little banding, good detail in darker areas and a smooth gradation from dark to light in the sky of our test image. Kyocera claims an effective resolution of 1,200dpi through resolution enhancement and our print sample supports this claim.

Other printed output is also good, with jet black text looking sharp and clean and greyscales well differentiated between shades. A photocopy didn't do so well with tints, producing some blotchiness in both light and dark shades, but black text was again well reproduced.

Kyocera uses a life-time drum unit, or at least one with a service life of 100,000 pages, which should give a good five year’s use. A toner cartridge clips onto the top of the drum cartridge, offering 7,200 pages, though the ‘starter’ cartridge supplied with the machine is only rated at half this.

Although the toner cartridge costs the best part of £60, the cost per page, including 0.7p paper cost, is just 1.61p. This is a low page cost, though not the lowest we’ve seen and not even the lowest from a Kyocera Mita printer.


Kyocera Mita’s FS-1118MFP is a good, general-purpose office multifunction machine. If you don't need colour, its reasonable print speed and better than average print quality are coupled well to a low cost per page. The price, even at discounted levels, seems a little high in comparison with other machines of similar specification, though. Moreover, the lack of ADF and fax facilities in the basic machine makes some of those competitor offerings appear more attractive.

Geoff Richards

August 22, 2008, 3:30 pm

We have used one of these as our every-day printer here at TrustedReviews HQ for some time now and while I'm far from an expert (this is the only MFP I've used on a daily basis) I have to say I've been impressed with the FS-1118MFP.

We did pony up for the ADF and fax modules and the whole package does everything we ask of it. One highlight not mentioned in the review is the Scan to Email function, whereby you can drop a document on the ADF, scan and email a PDF to someone all in about 5 button presses.

The web-page interface for the Address Book needs improving but even in its current form, it is far, far better than trying to input email addresses using a keypad.

Disclosure: Kyocera has been an advertiser on TR for many years, though that has no impact on my comments above, which are offered as the personal experience of someone who has used this printer first-hand for quite some time.

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