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Kodak V1073 and V1273 - Test Shots - ISO Performance

By Cliff Smith



Our Score:


A range of test shots are shown over the next few pages. Here, the full size images at the minimum and maximum ISO settings have been reduced for bandwidth purposes to let you see the full image, and a series of crops taken from original full resolution images at a range of ISO settings have been included in order for you to gain an appreciation of the overall quality.


This is the full frame at minimum ISO.


At 64 ISO there is no visible noise, but there are some compression artefacts visible.


Not much difference at 100 ISO, but there is a little colour noise in the darker areas.


At 200 ISO the overzealous noise reduction is already smearing out fine details.


More of the same at 400 ISO.


At 800 ISO noise is beginning to break through the barricades, and lots of fine detail has been lost.


Noise problems galore at 1600 ISO.


Image quality at 3200 ISO is very bad indeed.


This is the full frame at maximum ISO.



August 20, 2008, 5:30 pm

Would be nice with a review on the movie mode. As this is the big difference compared to other cameras.

panasonic fx35, TZ5 and sanyo hd800 is the competition

the best movie mode now the canon and sony cameras have, althou just VGA


June 26, 2009, 7:58 pm

Nice camera, shame about the Kodak's terrible customer service. Purchased mine on 4 May to capture baby's first weeks. Six weeks later - and ten days after birth - it broke. Kodak won't refund or exchange. Must be sent away for repair, taking around 3 weeks. No alternative means of photographing new born. Kodak now say I have to wait in for next 48 hours for UPS to collect product. Handy. Apparently, Kodak only refund products that break within 28 days - not a great endorsement of their products, is it?

pete 5

July 2, 2009, 2:49 am

Must agree that difficult to see in bright sunlight, but other than this great camera. Video so good that JVC everio now on Ebay, 4 gb card does 29 mins at high def. Simple to use , idiot proof even and great stills. One of the easiest cameras I have had to upload and sort with easyshare software.

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