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Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One Inkjet Printer - Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

By Simon Williams



Our Score:


Kodak rates the ESP 5 at 30ppm for black and 29ppm for colour print. These speeds are silly and we look forward to the forthcoming ISO standards to set out a realistic testing regime. Our test prints in normal print mode took 1 minute 16 seconds for five pages of black text and 2:18 for five colour pages, equivalent to 3.95ppm and 2.17ppm. These comparatively slow speeds are partly due to the printer fidgeting around for between 15 and 20 seconds before starting each run.

A single-page copy from the Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanner, which should have no appreciable warm-up time, took 45 seconds, so not that immediate, but the fastest time we got for a 15 x 10cm photo print was 48 seconds from an SD card, which is quick.

Print quality has been one of the Kodak printers' strengths and this incarnation doesn't break the pattern. Black text is light and reasonably crisp, though with slight feathering into the paper nap, and colours are well differentiated, though again a bit pallid. A colour photocopy of our colour text and graphics print was closer to the original than from the ESP 3, though the original wasn't that strongly coloured in the first place.

Photo prints are sharp and clear, though a little strong in the red spectrum. Images are well-detailed and varying areas of solid colour are handled smoothly. Shadow detail isn't as good as from some competitors, though, with darker shades tending to black.

The headline feature of Kodak's entire range of all-in-ones is its page print cost. This is hardly surprising, as all four models use the same print engine and ink cartridges. Kodak uses its separate black cartridge for printing text and its four-colour one for printing colour graphics and photos. So, how close does the company get to its running-cost claims?

The two cartridges are priced at £6.99 (black) and £9.99 (colour) pretty much wherever you buy. Kodak quotes ISO page yields of 342 and 378 pages, respectively, so dividing price by page yield gives 2.04p for black and 2.64p for colour. All figures include VAT and we add 0.7p to all page rates, to cover the cost of a sheet of multi-purpose office paper. This gives figures of 2.87p for a black page and 3.46p for a colour one.

Kodak's figures, off the box, of 1.6p and 4.7p, against 2.04p and 2.64p, show that the black print figure is over 25 percent high for black print, but 78 percent low for colour. Against the costs from similar machines, we rate both page costs as low, with the colour figure being particularly good. The 7p per photo print figure Kodak quotes is achievable too, but only if you buy ink and paper in its Photo Value Pack.


If you look at the Kodak site at the moment, you'll see that the ESP 5 and the 5300 sell for the same price. If we were buying an all-in-one and had earmarked Kodak for our money, we'd go for the 5300; it has all the features of the ESP 5 and a better paper-handling system. On the older machine there are separate feed trays for photo blanks and A4 paper and they're covered, to keep the dust off.

The 5300 also has individual buttons for printing photo proof sheets and for starting Print, Scan and Copy jobs. None of these are present on the ESP 5, making it harder to use, standalone. The new machine is no doubt easier and cheaper to manufacture, but that's no particular advantage to you or me.


January 31, 2009, 11:07 pm

My mother-in-law and my mom have both recently bought this printer. They have had nothing but problems since they got them. Yes, it does print beautiful pictures...when it prints. They have both had the same problem in that no black in would print. They both had to get new print heads. Since then, my mother-in-law has not really had any major problems other than the paper jams a lot. My mom though, has only had the printer for about two weeks, and she is already having a second major problem. (First no black ink printed,got the new print head, worked for a few days.) Now, all of the photos are printing with green tint to them. My brother lives out of state, and my mom prints and sends pictures to him EVERYDAY! Now, she cannont. We are all very dissapointed with this printer. I would not recommend it to anyone.

R J Grey

April 29, 2009, 7:13 pm

I have just bought my esp5 printer. I have exactly the same problems. the black prints one page then the rest of the sheets come through blank. also the printer cant decide how many sheets to take. My last printer may have been expensive to run, but at least it worked. This printer will be returned to Argos ASAP.

Ash Islam

December 22, 2009, 4:44 am

Bought First ESP5 from PC World. The top would not stay up & Hence had a return visit to PC World for another one. Now we forever experience paper being chewed up. Need to find receipt for full refund. A Strong DO NOT BUY.


February 3, 2011, 11:21 pm

I have had the Kodak ESP 5 printer for 2 years and in that time have had 3 new printheads and the latest has broken again. Kodak's response to my complaint is as follows

"Thank you for your email regarding the Kodak AiO printhead issue.

We isincerely apologise for al lthe experience you had with this printer however atthis point theres not much we can do.Please contact us for any further assistance of any other nature besides this one"



July 8, 2011, 8:48 pm

At first my printer was fine, then started printing with colours missing, then paper just blank as if was printing but wasn't. Was eventually sent a new print head, that didn't work, took back to PC world, they rang Kodak as they were going to change it for me and then Kodak said they had sent me a new printer and couldn't redirect to PC world so I had to wait for delivery at home. This didn't happen and it turned out they hadn't sent one. Eventually got my new (I think reconditioned) one today, installed it and guess what? blank pages, it doesn't work. I have original receipt and will be going to PC world with printer and demand a refund. Its a rubbish printer and Kodak customer service system is terrible. PC world sold me an advent AIO printer which is £25.00, I think it is their own make and it is brilliant. Same cartridges and software as Kodak printer but it works and is cheap.

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