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Jabra Go 6470 - Call Quality, Comfort and Verdict

Niall Magennis

By Niall Magennis



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Naturally, the headset also has its own call controls. On the rear, you’ll find the main call handling button that lets you pick up or drop calls, while the outside edge acts as a touch slider to control the volume level. As you would expect of a premium headset, the Jabra Go 6470 has a twin microphone arrangement that works in tandem with its Noise Blackout system to reduce background noise when you’re on a call.

In fact the headset’s call quality is absolutely first-rate. Not only is the noise cancellation excellent, but Jabra’s wideband audio technology also works wonders. It broadens the frequency range of the headset to deliver deeper more natural sounding audio. This worked exceptionally well not only on mobile and landlines calls, but also Skype calls from a PC.

The headset battery life is also very impressive. Jabra quotes a talk-time of six hours and a standby time of 100 hours. In our experience, this proved to be almost accurate as we got about five and a half hours of talk-time before it needed a recharge. That should be easily enough to do a whole day’s worth of calls even in the busiest of offices.

We only have a couple of gripes with the Jabra Go 6470. The first is that the headset is rather large and slightly heavy by the standards of today’s mobile headsets. As a result, it looks a bit odd and old fashioned when you’re wearing it with the standard earhook. The earhook was also sometimes a little uncomfortable to wear and despite trying all three of the supplied ear gels and adjusting the earhook size, we never got it to fit as comfortably as some of the smaller and lighter Bluetooth headsets we’ve used. However, when the headset is snapped into the headband-style earpiece holder it is very comfortable to wear.

The other issue is that it can’t be used to pick up a landline call unless you purchase the Remote Handset Lifter accessory, which costs around £20. Without the handset lifter, you have to physically pick up the handset of your landline phone to open or drop a call. Really, we think Jabra should have included this accessory in the pack, given the already quite high asking price.


The Jabra Go is and impressive product. The base station works extremely well and the touchscreen makes call handling a breeze. Its call quality is also first-rate. However, the headset is little bit on the large side and so can look a tad old fashioned when you’re wearing it and we also think Jabra could have included the Remote Handset Lifter accessory in the pack. Nevertheless, this is still a great system for those who spend a lot of time on the phone during their working day.

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  • Features 8
  • Design 7


July 29, 2010, 9:35 pm

Looks good, I've been waiting for ages for a device that can talk to the landline, mobile and PC. A picture of the unit attached to the headset would have been nice, though I notice even Google image search only has 1.

How do you make a landline call?


November 10, 2013, 4:54 pm

Do you recommend anything else available in the market that doesn't have the shortcoming of this model?

Pepper Young

April 1, 2014, 11:32 pm

I have been using this headset for about 1 year. Within a month I had disabled the connection to the office phone as it had so many bugs. The connection to my mobile phone followed a few months later. And now the connection to the computer is terrible, it drops out at random times, and at least once a week I cannot get it to communicate with my computer at all.
Support has been woeful.

Adam Vergis

July 12, 2014, 1:15 pm

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