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Hanns.G HG216D 22in LCD - Hanns.G HG216D 22in LCD

Andy Vandervell

By Andy Vandervell



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Given the budget focus of this monitor it would be too much to expect a lot of the image quality, but regardless it's still important to see exactly how it stacks up against potential competitors. And, though it's no high definition wonder, the Hanns.G is at least competent enough provided you have humble needs.

Starting with DisplayMate testing, the Dark-Grey Scale showed some compression of the darker end of the scale, with the darker greys fading into the black background. However, those that were shown were adequately produced, with little in the way of the nasty brown/yellow shading you sometimes see on even more expensive monitors. Much the same could be said of the White-Level Saturation test, with compression at the brighter end of the scale but neutral tones elsewhere.

However, where the difference comes is in both the vibrancy and gradation of colours. Throughout use and testing it was plain to see that colours were predominantly dull and uninteresting, even the brightest shades. This also bore itself out in the lack of definition between different gradations colours, which reproduces itself as a lack of detail in images and video. As with the previous tests this was most extreme at the dark and light end of the scale, with low saturation colours and dark shades regularly indefinable.

Continuing through the testing also showed that text sharpness was an issue as well, with the 6.8 point Arial font merging into itself making it difficult to read. Above this it is fine, but it's not a problem you often see in modern LCDs. Another notable quality issue is the dirtiness of the whites, which makes the display often look darker than it really is when reading documents and web pages. Unsurprisingly, black levels were also distinctly average, with a consistently washed out look during dark scenes.

Ultimately, this combination of lack of detail, dirty whites and poor back levels means that whether you're playing a game or watching a film, the HG216D will never bring these scenes to life in a way that's truly immersive.

Despite this, it must be said that for the price this is a perfectly decent monitor. It may lack in aesthetic appeal but image quality is solid enough for most needs and compares favourably to more expensive examples available for around the £170-180 mark. Thus, if you're on a strict budget this represents very good value for money.


What it lacks in style the HG216D makes up for in value and solid, if unspectacular, performance and features.

Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • Value 9
  • Image Quality 6


February 22, 2009, 6:29 pm

Just updated from a 4 year old CHIMME 19 inch wide screen.It replaced a very old CRT.

The above review is correct in many of comments.Yes Looks

back dated.Yes 'Tilting' be tardy, but at $250:00 AU (a demo model) and 22 inch wide screen, with good anologue resolution.My DVDs look great (audio is two Yamaha MS202 monitor speakers.The sound quality will blow you away ).I only use mu 'stand alone'

computor for reading documents in big fonts.This moniter performs that task at a

very reasonable price.Fully recommend.


John 29

March 30, 2009, 6:47 am

i just got one of theese cheep and cheerful monitors and i have to say yes they look like cheep peices of plastic but my problem is this hanns.g coustomer satisfaction you see when i got the monitor set up to my xbox 360 via hdmi i got a shock littl green dots started to appear like twinkleing stars in the night sky i had a cluster of 6 and another of 2 all adjoining but hanns.g said that it had nothing to do with my warranty and was not covered by stuck pixels so a warning if you get one of theese monitors\displays make sure that you test in store before handing over your cash that way the store can send back to the manufacturs and they get stiffed not you it cost me in total to get this sorted out 𧷤 inc cost of monitor mostly for a replacement screen wich hanns.g should have checked before it was sent out of the factory

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