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Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus with MotionSense review

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One need only look at Nintendo's Wii to see how popular motion-sensing control can be. However, on the PC, where it has the most practical potential, it's still a relatively niche concern. One company that's trying to change this is Gyration and here we're looking at the second Air Mouse the company has produced since being taken over by Movea: the Air Mouse GO Plus.

For those who haven't read the review of Gyration's 'original' Air Mouse with MotionSense, the 'Air' part refers to the mouse's ability to sense motion, much like the Wii-mote except more accurate.

Inside, both of Gyration's ambidextrous mice combine a three-axis accelerometer and two-axis gyroscope to read even subtle twists of the wrist. This means you can just move the mouse about in the air, no desk or mousing-surface required. These motion-sensors mainly track tilt, so though you can move your whole arm about it will achieve the same result as a flick of the wrist.

Despite costing more than the previous model, the Air Mouse GO Plus has reverted to the good old optical sensor for use as an ordinary mouse. This is rather a step back from the laser sensor employed in the Air Mouse, so how does the GO Plus justify its higher price?

Quite aside from a completely different, larger shape, the GO Plus features a charging base and removable, rechargeable lithium battery. To be honest this does seem slightly contrary to its name, with the GO part suggesting a more mobile device than its predecessor, which was lighter, used replaceable batteries and came with a carry case.

In fact, the Air Mouse GO Plus is physically almost identical to the older pre-Movea GyroMouse. Though ergonomically nothing much has changed, thankfully the colour scheme has been upgraded from blue and off-white to a more attractive black with gunmetal grey.

Its casing is sturdily constructed, with the underside made with soft-touch plastic and the top sporting a matte finish. The trigger underneath the mouse has a nice glossy finish, as do the three programmable buttons under the two-way scroll wheel. The main left and right buttons are matte and the wheel is coated in rubber.

Its moulded charging cradle doesn't fit the mouse snugly, so it is possible (though unlikely) to put it in its cradle without it charging. Luckily this is really easy to spot, as there is a bright blue LED on the cradle's rim which doesn't activate unless the device is being charged.

Unlike the relatively compact dongle that came with the Air Mouse, here we're back to the large, chunky dongle of old. Nor does it come pre-paired to the mouse and though it's no effort to pair the two, it's yet another step back with this 'newer' product. This is probably because this dongle will also pair with any of Gyration's Wireless keyboards, so can be used together in conference rooms.

Rob Chapman

July 9, 2009, 2:04 pm

We've had 3 of these for our meeting rooms for a the past couple of years - quite impressed.

Very limited applications mind, without finding some software that accompanies it.


July 9, 2009, 2:09 pm

Interesting product, I must have missed the airmouse review when that cam round. Seems theat theyve missed what I would thought to be the main use of this product, for use with a HTPC! Perhaps add some media center buttons and I think itd be an excellent remote for a HTPC


July 9, 2009, 2:24 pm

@Stelph: Seems theat theyve missed what I would thought to be the main use of this product, for use with a HTPC!

Yeah, I have the older Blue version of this that also has a nice keyboard. Works really well for a HTPC, especially when you then want to flip out of the 10 foot interface to do some browsing & emailing etc. I can also confirm these things are very accurate, shame the WII didn't use the same tech.


July 9, 2009, 3:06 pm


It is indeed very usable with an HTPC, and the software comes with its own Media profile so you can, for example, configure the device to change volume by swiping, or using the scroll wheel. Together with its virtual numberpad and keyboard, there's very little a dedicated media remote can do that the AirMouse can't.

Alan Thompson

April 9, 2013, 4:43 pm

I purchased a gyration go plus 10 months ago brand new and it is now dead as a do do
cant get any joy with seller and gyration don't even answer my emails


May 9, 2014, 8:58 pm

by default, works as a normal mouse ...IN THE AIR!!! thus is useful for EVERY application.
For over 7 years at home and at work, I have used exclusively an air mouse.

My next air mouse may NOT be Gyration brand due to their laziness and failure to support Chromebooks.

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