Epson Stylus Photo 300 - Inkjet Photo Printer Deals

By Simon Williams


Andy Pac

August 31, 2010, 3:59 pm

I have to say the Epson R300 is one of the worst pieces of garbage I've ever had the misfortune of using. I'm using this primarily as a DVD printer and I am disgusted by this excuse of a machine.Not only does it not recognise any of your information (i.e. jpg number) but the screen shows only No1, No2, No3, etc. when ideally you really would like some kind of recognition. Not only that, but unless you remove every image, throw it to trash and then empty the trash bin, you'll not see any images in the folder (for the memory card) but they will print in order of which was put on there first. Honestly, it shows your one and only photo yet hidden in the background are the previous images you've had to print in black & white because the colour is so disgracefully bad. Personally I would avoid this piece of kit like the plague. By the way, I'm using Verbatim discs to print to. If anyone can tell me different I'd love to know if I'm doing anything wrong. Oh, and I did try using the useless software that comes with the printer but that is also a heap of junk and the colour prints just as badly.

Mick Paul

September 18, 2014, 7:47 pm

I have actually found the R300 to be quite a sturdy little workhorse, I don't bother with the card slots, I just print directly off the computer. I have owned at least 3 of these units over the last 10 years, as with most printers the ink is worth more than the printer so I think it's best to stick with the same model, that way you don't throw the ink away when the printer gives in.

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