Epson Stylus DX4400 All-in-One - Epson Stylus DX4400

By Simon Williams



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The spec sheet for this printer claims print speeds of 25ppm for black print and 13ppm for colour, but even in draft mode these speeds are way off what you're likely to see in real life. Our five-page text print took 2 minutes 9 seconds to complete, giving a speed of 2.3ppm and the black text and colour graphics print, also five pages, took a pretty exceptional 6:09, just 0.81ppm. Both these speeds are singularly unimpressive, with the colour print being one of the slowest we've seen.

The output quality is not too bad given the price of the printer but black characters still come out more jagged than most of the DX440's rivals. Solid colours are dense with good registration and little bleed of black text over coloured backgrounds. Variegated colour is also very reasonable for this class of machine.

An A4 copy came out quite a bit paler than the original but colours were still solid even though they were lighter. Our photographic print, on Epson's Premium Glossy photo paper, reproduced well with smooth gradations of colour and fine detail in the foreground. Colours were generally natural, though quite a bit of detail was lost in shadowed areas.

Epson printers have never been known for their quietness. While printing itself is only a little noisier than its main competitors, the Stylus DX4400 rattles away when feeding paper, giving a peak noise reading of 70dBA. This is really quite loud and noisier than most printers, of any technology type, we've tested before.

This is a four-colour printer using four separate cartridges. You can replace them individually as they run out and this gives good print economy. The cheapest way to buy cartridges is in a four pack, which sells for around £13.68, giving page costs of 2.22p for black and 4.85p for colour pages.

These costs are very competitive, even with printers costing considerably more, and are pretty much best-in-class compared with the entry-level all-in-ones we've tested recently.


The Stylus DX4400 is a mixed bag. Epson has managed to produce a good-looking, functional all-in-one at a very competitive price, while still offering individual ink cartridges and low running costs. Print quality is also reasonable and the printer handles photo printing surprisingly well for a machine not geared specifically to photos.

Where it misses out is on print speed and noise level. It takes a long time to produce a page and could never be described as quiet thanks to Epson's trademark paper feed mechanism.


July 11, 2008, 11:25 am

Generally disappointing. The speed to print an A4 glossy colour picture was about 15 minutes and the colour was awful. Will probably return as 'unfit for purpose'


July 22, 2008, 1:43 am

i bought this printer for 㿅 at ASDA and im very pleased with it for the price. Standard text ie word documents print quite quickly and scanning documents also prints quickly. Pictures take a long time to print but are of good quality. Its a good budget printer and if you can get it cheap enough its not bad

Brian Hawtin

August 4, 2008, 12:28 am

Just bought DX4400 from Tesco's 㿉.97 I was a bit sceptical but pleasantly suprised . It is quite easy to setup and use Photo quality pretty good did'nt really time it but printed full sise A4 in a minute or so and text items alot quicker than my old Hp7150 as I have had it for about six years or so cant grumble , over all the Epson DX4400 Scans,copies and prints quite good and so far no hi-cups, However there is one small complaint it's so ruddy noisy even the cat hates it.


August 20, 2008, 8:22 pm

Just bought the DX4450 which is the same as the DX4400 but with the additional bundle of OCR software for free. Therefore look for DX4450 rather than DX4400. The printer functionality is excellent - very good value for money - but I agree it is noisy.


September 5, 2008, 11:22 pm

Extremely disappointing buy. Very slow and very noisey, also ink does not seem to last as long as previous models. Paper feed also has a mind of its own, and quite often doesn't pull the paper to the right position before printing, with obvious results. Installation disc also has a problem, because despite selecting English language, the interface is German. Uninstalling the drivers completely and re-installing software still produced the German GUI. Now that the ink has run out yet again, I will be retiring this model to the local refuse dump.

Dean 2

October 20, 2010, 5:50 pm

I bought the 4450 in 2008 at cost £39.99 I use it for printing text when the original black cartridge ran out I bought a compatible cartridge but used all the ink trying to set it up as all the text was grainy, so I bought a complete set of originals. As mentioned the printer does like a good drink of ink.

The price of a complete set of cartridges can vary greatly, from £27 to £40, the higher price would likely to be if you bought each cartridge separately, so it pays to shop around.

The printer itself is noisy and you are never going to get the claimed speed for the amount most people print on an A4 sheet, which is more than the 5% of a page the manufactures use, even in draft mode.

Having used the best photo option only once and that was on standard A4 copy paper the results were OK, but it did use a lot of ink for the passport sized photo I printed.

I have a windows 7 Pc and the printer is plug & play but to use the scanner you need to use windows FAX & SCAN this can be pinned to the task bar. Overall the printer is a good basic all-in-one the score of 7 is about right as I would have given between 6 & seven, what lets the machine down is the noise, features and the print speed. the plus points are the quality of prints and the price of the machine, 2 years ago £40 for this all-in-one was excellent value

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