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Of course your viewing pleasure is always going to be somewhat limited with a 7in screen, but Elonex has thought of that too. Looking at the rear of the LNX Cube reveals an impressive set of outputs - component video, SCART, S-Video and composite for video signals, along with both analogue and coaxial digital audio outputs. This means that you can easily hook the LNX Cube up to a TV and enjoy all your content on a larger screen.

Using the LNX Cube is pretty simple, in fact it feels much like any other budget stereo system. There's a hardware power switch, but the device can also be put into a standby mode via the remote control. A single Source button will cycle through all the different features on the LNX Cube, making it quite intuitive, but also slightly annoying when you happen to click past your desired input by mistake. The only other controls on the front fascia are Play/Pause, Skip Forward, Skip Backwards, Eject and a very large volume dial.

In most cases you wouldn't really use the controls on an AV system, instead controlling everything via the remote, and you can of course do that with the LNX Cube. Unfortunately, the generic silver remote control is far from intuitive, but to be fair, you can do pretty much everything you'd want to with it.

Like most budget stereo systems, the LNX Cube ships with a pair of mid-range speakers that are connected to the main unit by a short stretch bell wire. The speaker cable isn't hard wired, so you could choose to use better quality cable, but it's not really worth it. The fact that both the speakers and main unit use spring clips does mean that you can at least extend the reach of the speakers to suit your environment.

When it comes to sound quality the LNX Cube isn't going to satisfy any audiophiles, but it creates a reasonable soundstage, and can fill an average room without sounding strained or distorted. If you really push the volume, the Cube will start to show its limitations, but for general music listening it does its job. Movie soundtracks come across a little weak, especially in big action set pieces, but even so, the Cube produces fuller and louder sound than pretty much any flat TV out there. Of course you could output the 5.1-channel bit stream to a Dolby Digital amplifier, but you're unlikely to have that kind of setup in the same room as the Cube.


May 16, 2009, 4:15 pm

I agree with all of the above, except that i dtried hard disk connections. firstly it needs to be Fat32 format. NTSC just won't be read. I tried 3 disks, 750Gb, 500Gb, and 300Gb.

with the 750Gb which contained a large selection of mpegs, it got to about 98% read, then locks up. It did find the 300 odd films on (list number found), but does not get as far as showing the browser. by locking up I mean that only te Elonex screen is shown and no remote buttons work. Yoiu have to reboot to get it working again. the same thing happened with the 300Gb disk, whick only contained 20 mpegs. Leaving it for a while (assuming it takes time to read a large disk) results it it ressting by itself back to DVd source. with the 500Gb disk (2000+ MP3 files), it read the fist 1200, and reached 18% disk read before locking up in the same manner as the other disks. It would appear that there may be a limit to disk size or number of files found for a hard disk to be read. I posed this question with lonex support, and I am awaiting a reply. i will update this review when I have an answer.

On a lighter note, and something that is NOT mentioned in the manual, the DVD drive read all my mpeg DVDs (up to 5 films/disk), and played without a problem. Also, in addition to a "normal" mp3 cd, it also read my DVDs which contain a number of albums on each one.

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