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Edifier MP300 Plus 2.1 Portable Speaker System - Edifier MP300 Plus 2.1 Portable Speaker System

Andy Vandervell

By Andy Vandervell



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Edifier MP300 Plus 2.1 Portable Speaker System


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If you're concerned that the M300s might look better than they sound, you need not worry; in fact, for their size and price, the quality of output is truly remarkable. Upon firing up the speakers for the first time everyone in the office stood up, wandered over and asked whether "that sound" was coming from "those speakers". As first impressions go it was a very good one.

Largely this good first impression stood up to prolonged inspection, too. What immediately impresses is simply the cohesiveness of the sound. In And If I Fall from The Charlatans every element of the song, from the tuneful bass line and crisp percussion to the staccato guitar riffs and doleful vocals are produced very well.

Pumping up the volume also reveals an amazing lack of distortion, something that's achieved thanks to the Electric Intelligent Distortion Control (E.I.D.C.) system that detects and adjusts the M300s to avoid input overload. Naturally, for a set that can be used anywhere a power socket can be found, the power adapter will work anywhere in the world.

Continuing with the audible assessment, Reckoner by Radiohead also showed how strong this set is. Its bass line was produced very nicely, proving warm but never overpowering, while the complex percussion was clear and crisply defined. This track did, however, reveal a slight weakness in the mid-range. It's subtle and didn't detract too greatly from the overall sound, but the lead guitar didn't come through as clearly as we'd normally expect.

This is a fairly consistent characteristic of the speakers whatever the source material, but is largely the result of their nature. Whereas the full-range Creative Gigaworks T20s sacrifice some bass for deep and well defined mid and high notes, the Edifiers sacrifice a little mid-range punch for more fulsome bass.

This also has the knock-on effect of slightly superior performance at lower volumes. If we had a complaint about the T20s, it was that you always needed to listen at reasonably high volumes to get the ideal balance. Thanks to the Edifier's dedicated sub, though, you can listen quietly and still find a nice balance. Of course, when you pump the volume up further, you also have the benefit of some serious thumping bass, something that's demonstrated very well by Daft Punk's, Human After All.


November 6, 2008, 2:17 pm

Seems like a nice bit of kit. Would like them to accompany my eee. Do you have the dimensions on the carry case? That may be the deal-breaker/maker.

Hans Gruber

November 6, 2008, 2:58 pm

Looks like a good bit of kit though I personally wouldn't class it as portable, since it's clearly tethered to an AC/DC power outlet and doesn't take batteries.

Here's the spec, including dimensions/ davef:


# Power Output: RMS 2.5Wࡨ+9W(THD=10%)

# Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Amplifier): >=85dBA

# Input Impedance:5k Ohm

# Input Sensitivity:450mv.

# Input Port: 3.5mm Stereo input plug.

# Frequency Response: 75Hz-20kHz

# Bass Driver: 2" woofer with heat treated paper voice coil(131mm),4Ohm, magnetically shielded

# Midrange/High Frequency Driver: 1.5 inch M.F./ H.F. with heat treated paper voice coil (78 mm) 4Ohm, magnetically shielded

# Dimensions:

Subwoofer--- 151× 223 × 245mm ( WxHxD )

Satellites--- 92× 115× 90mm ( WxHxD )

# Gross Weight: approximate 1.4kg

# Power Requirement: DC 12V

# AC Power Adapter: 100V-220V ~, 50/60Hz (for world wide use)


November 6, 2008, 3:37 pm

Yeah, saw that page. What I'd really like to know though is the dimensions of the carry case that it all gets carried around in. That, for me, would determine whether its portable or not. The lack of battery power isn't a concern for me.

Andy Vandervell

November 6, 2008, 4:16 pm

davef: I'll drop them a line and try and get a figure. Had meant to do that anyway but forgot. :(

Geoff Richards

November 6, 2008, 5:01 pm

"Transportable" perhaps, rather than "portable" ie use on the go.

Having heard them here in the office I'm quite a fan actually. I'm thinking of picking myself up a pair to take on my Christmas holiday, for those moments when headphones aren't a solution.


November 7, 2008, 10:29 am

I'm getting my other half an iMac for Christmas, and these speakers look just the ticket for lifting the sound output to something she'll enjoy a lot more. Thanks for a great review.

Nick M

January 11, 2009, 10:35 pm

This product looks very similar to the Miglia Diva 2.1 speakers which I think may be still available, but no mention is made of this by the reviewer. I have a set of those fellas and they are very good (the Miglias that is). I wonder if the Edifiers are better? It's always confusing also to talk about audio quality and compare audio qquality if music files are compressed. An MP3 file may sound better on a pair of speakers like this but in relative terms a FLAC file might not sound better - the musical detail in the FLAC file may pose more challenges to the speakers than the MP3 file. I think reviewers should say what compression rates their sample music files are ...


March 9, 2009, 4:48 pm

They are also very smiliar to the Empire M300... or are they the same? can anyone clarify this?


August 31, 2013, 1:44 pm

A stylish, good looking set of speakers but unfortunately they suffer from a classic case of "form over function". They are by no means "portable" as the sub is actually quite heavy and considering you have all these cables and tid bits in order to connect the whole thing together, its a pain if you want to move it around with a laptop/tablet/phone. The second and in my opinion inexcusable flaw is the complete lack of mid-range. Granted they are better than a laptops built in speakers, they manage to sound "bad" no matter what the volume. Bass heavy at high volumes, tiny at low to mid volumes and muffled at low volumes. The midrange is completely eliminated by the inbuilt circuitry in an attempt to make them "sound good" or bigger than they are. This annoyance is compounded by the fact that its audio circuit automatically tunes it self to sound the same irrespective of the input source. (Good for phones/tablets etc but nasty sounding if you want listen to your music without any added bass or treble) So if you plug it into a PC and use the sound cards equalizer to turn down the treble a bit, it compensates by reducing the bass too and the actual volume goes down. It does this in order to reduce distortion at high volumes which is fine but it really makes them sound nasty. For the price i paid i expected a simple speaker that just does its best to sound and look good, not a bad attempt at a speaker with cheap autocompensation tech. For me : 3 stars on a very good day and after a fair amount of alcohol. Defo not worth the asking price if you care a little bit about how your music sounds. Passing a FLAC file through these speakers is a waste of your time and effort. It has enough trouble dealing with high bitrate MP3s.

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