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Dell 2335dn Laser MFP review



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Dell 2335dn Laser MFP
  • Dell 2335dn Laser MFP
  • Dell 2335dn Laser MFP
  • Dell 2335dn Laser MFP
  • Dell 2335dn Laser MFP
  • Dell 2335dn Laser MFP


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The mono laser printer continues to be a stalwart of many offices and the multi-function version, which usually includes a scanner with Auto Document Feed (ADF), can be even more useful. Dell's 2335dn is a mid-range device, which the company claims is capable of 32ppm, making it ideal for small to medium workgroups.

There are a lot of different styles you can pick when designing a multifunction printer, but Dell seems to have gone for the 'Le Corbusier tank' look. Everything is monolithically square cut, with clean diagonals and rectangular apertures. The ADF manages to look pretty much like a turret and with a couple of caterpillar tracks underneath the 2335dn would be a scary piece of office munitions. It's has a big footprint for a mono laser machine.

The ADF on top can take up to 50 sheets and the end of its feed tray is hinged so you can tilt it up to remove scanned pages. The printer's paper tray has a capacity of 250 sheets and there's a 50 sheet multi-purpose tray, which folds down from the front of the machine. It's a bit too easy to fold down the whole of the front of the printer, revealing its drum and toner cartridge, rather than just its multi-purpose tray and it would be useful to have an interlock on this.

The 2335dn's control panel is suitably clean cut, with a five-button cross of controls behind three for menu exit and job Cancel and Start. The green Start button would benefit from being larger and more obvious. There's also a numeric pad for dialling fax numbers and buttons for calling up the fax directory and, strangely, for inserting a pause into a fax number. There is a USB port on the front panel, too, so you can walk up and print standard graphics file types - bmp, jpg, pdf and tif - from a USB drive.

Installation is pretty straightforward and, unusually, you connect both power and USB cables between PC and printer before running the setup routine. Dell supplies both PCL and Postscript drivers for the machine, though these are both in emulation. There's also a copy of Nuance PaperPort, to handle scanning and OCR.

The printer is fully networked out-of-the-box and includes Dell's web-based net configuration utility, so it's easy to set up the machine to be shared across an Ethernet link.


March 21, 2009, 1:33 pm

On the Dell 2335DN (and Dell 1815DN) if you default the print driver to Duplex (Win XP), it tries to print both sides of even single-sided documents (it reverses the paper to print a blank reverse side). It then clocks up two pages of two pages of toner use for a single sided document. It seems to have to manually select single-sided printer in the driver properties each time you print a single-sided document to avoid this. Anyone else having this problem? HP printers don't do this.

Gregoire Le Gros

January 27, 2010, 3:24 pm

If you think thats bad just try to get it seset up to scan. The printer interface is clunky and doesnt work. You cant use the scanner. I've been in the pc business many years and this is the worst design I've ever come across. Dont buy this if you need to use the scanner. Duplex printing is good if you want to save paper. This printer is a cynical excercise thrown together by what looks like a multinational team of failed students and then marketed by a troupe of chimpanzees. Dont waste your money because Dell wont help. A thoroughly lousy bit of kit


July 17, 2010, 8:22 pm

I have the same problem as SmallBiz. This printer counts two pages for a single side document (or the last odd page of a multi-page document) if the default settings are for duplex printing. So it's actually more expensive to print duplex by default than single sided.

I think it's a Dell firmware issue not a driver thing as using an HP driver on the Dell does not fix the problem, and using the Dell driver printing to a duplex HP LaserJet does not introduce the problemt to the HP.

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