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Apple MacBook Pro 17in


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There's also a major problem with the finish. Apple hasn't updated the aluminium painting/plastic combination for years, and anybody who's had one for a while will tell you that the wrist rest wears pretty badly, colouring and scraping away slowly. We would heartily recommend checking out the Marware Protection pack, which includes a great wrist rest cushion. But those are really the only complaints you can level at what is undoubtedly a gorgeous machine. It is a mere one inch thin, and this really makes it a stunning feat of engineering - sat next to any other Windows 17in notebook it looks wafer thin.

The weight is also impressive at just three kilograms, and this makes the MacBook surprisingly light to lug around for its size. It is, however, more of a portable computer than a true laptop - unless you have pretty chunky thighs, you may find it a unwieldy to work on such a large screen so close to you. However, the 17 model doesn't suffer from the heat problems of the MacBook consumer grade - with more surface area to spread the heat over, its far less of a crotch warmer.


In conclusion, the 17in MacBook Pro is really a fantastic machine for creatives and anyone else looking for a high-powered, high-style laptop with a large screen. Sure, it does cost a little more than your average Windows laptop - around £2,100 for this configuration with the extra RAM from Crucial, compared to more like £1,600 for something similar from Rock. But aside from the obvious visual appeal, this kind of hardware specification demands an OS to match up, and OSX does the job far better than Vista.

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