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By Sandra Vogel



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The phone has a PC Sync feature and you get software for that purpose. It'll synchronise your contacts, calendar and even SMS messages and some files, which could be handy. The phone also works in USB mass storage mode which means you can copy individual files - such as music tracks - from PC to phone.

Really annoyingly, though, the phone doesn't update its internal file listings automatically after you've added new stuff manually. You have to force an update of the ‘My Stuff' folder. This is a real pain, and if you copy new files to the phone irregularly is likely to be something easily forgotten, amid howls of ‘but I just copied some new tunes across, why aren't they showing up in the music player?' The phone also includes an alarm, calculator, calendar, notepad and stopwatch.

Here's a real annoyance. This is a 3 handset, but there is no front facing camera for video calling. You can make video calls, but the back facing camera is used for them. This camera is a 2-megapixel job with self-portrait mirror and no flash.

Indoors its stills shooting performance was just average. The coloured dish should be against a white background and not the pinky orangy one that shows in the photo. Still, the colours of the dish itself are fairly nicely reproduced. Outdoors the phone made a good attempt at capturing colour. The passion flower's whites are not over exposed, though the pinks on the other flower are far less uniform than they are in real life.


In terms of general performance this mobile is average - though with better than average battery life. But its hook is Skype. You'll have to work out if the cost makes sense for you, if you really need Skype on the move, and if you can live with this phone's other features and quality. Either way, I can't help wondering how the other operators will react. Is this a flash in the pan, or the start of a new wave?

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Richard Waine

August 20, 2008, 4:26 pm

I bought one in January and I got one for my girlfiend too.

We text each other a lot and its usually only a couple of words so rather than spending a couple of pence a text we use the free instant messaging which works great. Also I have family in Spain who use Skype to call me so I just pick up on my mobile.

All in all, I would say this is a great little phone that will save you some dosh if the people you contact the most use Skype too.

P.S. Personally I believe this is the future of mobile phones. VOIP will be going mobile and this is just the start.

No Wahala

December 12, 2008, 3:27 pm

Have had the phone for a year now with no problems. It's a low priced handset with excellent call quality. It is best used as the main handset and to be selective to maximise Skype - calls 3 to 3 are free, also! Pleased that you rate the S2 so highly as I'm thinking of upgrading for the 3.2mp camera and modem. Regards No Wahala.

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