Top tech  to help you  get fit

Garmin  Venue 2

The best all-rounder. Great health and wellness tracking to keep an eye on your recovery, and it has offline Spotify support.

Apple Watch SE

If you’re an iPhone user then there’s no getting around the fact that you’ll probably get the best experience with an Apple Watch

Fit Bit  Versa 3

If you want something a bit cheaper then the Fitbt Versa 3 is an excellent shout

UA  Project Rock

A rugged pair with IPX4 water resistance and soft cushioning around the ear cups


These little guys use an oblong design, which allow them to stay snug and fit whilst out  on a run

Shokz Aeropex

This headband uses bone conduction technology to let you listen to music without ever obscurring your ear canal

Withings Body Cardio

The scale can track your weight, muscle mass and measures your heart age

Mighty Vibe 

If you want to leave your phone at home but you still want to listen to music whilst working out, then the this is your best bet