Sony XR-65A80L Review

Does Sony's 2023 mid-range OLED TV have what it takes to stand out in a crowded and talented market?

Should you buy it?
Buy it if you want really natural, accurate and subtle pictures
You should buy if
Arguably no other TV out there today can deliver the sort of light and colour subtleties the Sony 65A80L can.
You shouldn't buy if
Don’t buy it if you want a light canon.
If you have a very bright room to satisfy or just like a lot of brightness in your HDR pictures, the Sony 65A80L isn’t as bright as most of its OLED peers.
Final Thoughts
John Archer
The Sony XR-65A80L isn’t the showiest, most obvious mid-range TV around today. The 65A80L sounds great, too, thanks to its innovative screen-as-speaker solution.