Zepto Znote 6224W - Zepto Znote 6224W Review


This certainly goes someway to ensuring that the Zepto is quick and snappy in general operation, though the powerful specification is obviously the main factor. All this said, the PC Mark 05 tests showed the Zepto to trail somewhat behind similarly specified systems, with the exception of the Graphics test where the 512MB dedicated video memory gave it a slight edge over the likes of the Acer Aspire 5920.

Some subjective testing went to prove that the 6224W was a perfectly capable gaming notebook, with the machine more than capable of running more recent DX9 games at the 1,440 x 900 native resolution at highest detail and with some anti-aliasing and filtering. Titles such as Counter Strike, Prey and Quake 4 run very smoothly at such settings, and chances are the system will be able to deal with most games given a little bit of tweaking to the settings.

Obviously, the 8600M GT is also capable of running DX10 titles, however we’ve yet to see a DX10 title that runs smoothly on mid-range parts and though EA seems keen to promote the idea that its DX10 poster child, Crysis, will run well on mid-range cards, there’s no way to independently substantiate such claims, at least until the demo appears on September 25.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the one area that does let the Zepto down somewhat is battery life. Sporting a standard 6-cell battery obviously keeps the weight down, but with such a power hungry GPU the Zepto struggles to garner an acceptable battery life even under near idle conditions. In a simple subjective test the 6224W managed a mediocre one hour and 40 minutes, which was achieved when using the notebook for basic word processing and web browsing under Windows’ Balanced profile, with screen brightness set to maximum and Wi-Fi enabled.

It goes without saying that this is a very disappointing effort, and does rather limit the machines appeal. Portable gaming it may provide, but what about those times when you’re out and about and don’t want to game? If any system needed an Asus U3 style switch for discrete and integrated graphics then this Zepto would be it.


If gaming on the move is your primary concern then Zepto has the notebook for you. The Znote 6224W is a powerful and well specified notebook, which will be able to deal with most games so long as you make some compromises. It’s light too, which is unusual for a ‘gaming’ notebook, though a poor screen and woeful battery life are issues that must be lived with and limit its appeal only to those who specifically want or need something that can run games competently.