Zepto Znote 6224W - Zepto Znote 6224W Review


Connectivity is all fairly standard, there are no niceties such as an HDMI output, but otherwise very little is left to chance and the 6224W won’t leave you wanting.

Starting on the left edge you’ll find DC-in and modem ports, with these followed by the primary air outlet. When playing games the Zepto will get fairly warm and moderately noisy too, and though it’s by no means the quietest during normal use it is, nonetheless, perfectly acceptable. Also on the left is the first of four USB ports, and this is joined by a 4-pin FireWire port, a 54mm ExpressCard slot and beneath that a 3-in-1 card reader.

There are no connections on the front of the notebook, however on the right there’s a combined Headphone and S/PDIF output as well as Microphone input. To the right of these is another of the USB ports, with the rest of space taken up the optical drive and the Kensington lock slot just to right of it.

On the back there are a further two USB ports, which are mounted horizontally above and below each other. This makes them ideal for use with a USB mouse and keyboard, with the other two USB ports free for any kind of USB based storage devices or whatever else you might have in mind. Things are rounded off by D-Sub and S-Video output, with the LAN port on the back too. This arrangement is actually rather smart, and means that when used as a desktop you won’t have to deal with a spaghetti junction of wires sprouting from the sides.

Another quite pleasing aspect of Zepto’s machine is the complete lack of any kind of bloatware. Anyone who has bought a notebook or PC from any number of the larger manufacturers will be able to relate to the annoyances created from bloatware. Not content with simply bundling in anti-virus, manufacturers have taken to introducing any number of useless programs, many of which simply duplicate Windows’ own functionality in more flashy and less intuitive ways.

Zepto doesn’t even go so far as to include Anti-Virus, which means your machine is nice and clean and ready to be used as you wish. It does mean, however, that you’ll want to make use of free anti-virus programs such as AVG or Avast, which do a great job without all that program bloat or the cost of maintaining an up-to-date virus database.