Zalman FPSGUN Gaming Mouse Review - Zalman FPSGUN Gaming Mouse Review


Still speaking about design I can attest that whether you like the styling or not, Zalman hasn’t skimped on quality. The mouse feels sturdy enough and the buttons, especially the forwards and back buttons under the thumb on the side, have a nice click action to them. Likewise the position of the mouse wheel under the thumb is actually something I could get used to, as I find flexing my thumb to scroll down the TrustedReviews homepage more comfortably than using my index finger – but maybe I’m just weird.

More fundamentally, though I should point out that having used various ‘real’ guns, including air rifles and pistols, a couple of .22 rifles and a Cadet GP, I can confidently attest that the grip on the Zalman FPSGUN is not at all like any real weapon I know of. For a start the Zalman has a slight but noticeable tilt to the left which I expect does make long term use more comfortable but feels, for want of a better word, wrong. Being objective, I expect I’m in a minority of FPS gamers (in the UK at least) in that I have actually fired a gun not made entirely of pixels, so my complaint is probably not going to be reciprocated by many.

A problem that was common to pretty much everyone who used the FPSGUN was that there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to put ones little finger. What this means is that you’re either cramping your hand slightly or leaving your finger dragging across the mouse mat. In addition, if you do have your entire hand on the mouse itself, you have no contact with the surface it’s sitting on – those gamers who like keeping their palm in contact to help with tracking won’t be pleased with this.

Overall the design of the FPSGUN is probably going to be satisfactory for what I see as its target audience: mid-teenage FPS gamers. Notably their hands will actually fit the grip, which was too small for all of us in the office to use comfortably, and as they probably don’t get out enough even those living in London aren’t going to have held a real gun (at least I hope not) and thus find themselves annoyed by how unlike one Zalman’s imitation feels to use.

When it comes to actually using the mouse things become a bit more interesting and the phrase ‘mixed bag’ definitely comes to mind. Aside from those of you who spend more time on MSN and in chat-rooms than is healthy a large proportion of the time spent at a computer is probably spent wielding a mouse of some description. It’s therefore important to get a mouse that feels comfortable for desktop use. Alas, the Zalman FPSGUN is not such a device. Now, before I lambast it for this I will re-emphasise that it is of course a gaming mouse and thus judging it for desktop use could be considered unfair, but I would also then have to point out that every other gaming mouse we’ve tested has been equally good for day-to-day use.

Trying to use the FPSGUN in Paint Shop Pro X2, for example, proved a near impossible task and trying to navigate TrustedReviews’ admin engine proved more taxing than I could handle, so out came my regular old Razer Copperhead – my gaming mouse of choice when at home (because obviously I don’t game at work being the ethical sort I am). Anyway, there’s my proviso, don’t expect to be able to use this mouse outside of games because you will clearly be driven mad. That said; it’s on to the FPSGUN’s more natural territory.

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