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YotaPhone: Camera

Taking care of the main camera duties is a 13-megapixel sensor with an LED flash to help in low lit conditions. Up front is a below-par 1-megapixel camera – enough to take care of video calls but not so great for selfies.

The camera app doesn’t shy too far away from the stock Android version with some minor cosmetic features like face detection and an HDR mode to enhance some of your more lacklustre images. However, it does have the ability to shoot Full HD 1080p video.

It’s very easy to use although the design flaw with the postitioning of the camera sensor means it’s often impossible not get your fingers in the way of setting up the shot.

YotaPhone photo samples 6
In good light, the 13-megapixel manages to capture reasonably sharp images and accurate colours

YotaPhone photo samples 4
The slow focus can sometimes cause images to blur and affect overall sharpness

YotaPhone photo samples 3
HDR mode improves the colour accuracy although can look a little overprocessed

YotaPhone photo samples 1
The LED flash copes well in low-lit conditions but its sluggish nature makes it difficult to instantly get a good photo

If you compare phones at the same price point it’s a little off the

quality of the S4’s 13-megapixel snapper for instance. Images are solid

enough but they pale in comparison to what the Nokia Lumia 1020 or Xperia Z1 are capable of. Detail levels are okay but HDR images can look a little over processed. The LED flash does a reasonable job in low light, however it’s so slow into action that it’s difficult not to end up shooting a lot out of focus photos before a getting a decent one.

Video recording is more than capable, producing detailed and accurate footage and is not far off the kind of quality you’d get from the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One.