Yamaha RX-V671 - Operation



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Unlike the RX-V371, the RX-V671 features onscreen menu system, which just happens to be one of the best we’ve seen. Superimposed over an image of a grand piano, the colour menus use cute illustrations for each section of the menu, while the layout is simple and intuitive.

The Setup menu covers every minute detail, including input assignment, sound modes, video preferences, HDMI options and much more. Even though the options are fairly in-depth, this colourful friendly presentation eases you in gently.

 Yamaha RX-V671
Yamaha RX-V671

During setup, the YPAO auto speaker setup feature makes it easy to get the optimum sound quality. The microphone measures test tones from the receiver and then sets the audio parameters accordingly, taking room acoustics into account. If you’re feeling brave you can do this manually using the incredibly detailed tweaks in the setup menu.

Yamaha RX-V671

Furthermore, separate Options and Display menus (which have their own buttons on the remote) provide quick access to often used functions. Napster and the DLNA streaming displays are easy on the eye, using attractive icons and showing cover art where available.

Yamaha RX-V671

It’s just a shame that Yamaha didn’t lavish a little more care and attention on the remote. It’s nicely shaped, but packed from corner to corner with microscopic buttons, making it fiddly to use. The clutter also makes lesser-used buttons tricky to find, although to its credit the volume and menu control keys are conveniently placed.

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