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The other picks of the launch line-up would be ”Kinectimals” and ”Your Shape: Fitness Evolved”. We all knew the first would be irresistible for kids – what game that involved training cuddly tiger cubs wouldn’t be? – but it also has a fantastic sense of exploration and adventure, constantly rewarding you with new challenges that have you kicking, throwing and driving with a fiercely competitive zeal. It’s hugely absorbing.

And while we suspect ”Your Shape” will fall from the old Wii Fit problem – you’ll obsessively play it for two weeks then guiltily neglect it for months on end – it’s also hugely impressive. Like real exercise, it’s exhausting, ache-inducing and ultimately rewarding, but like a game, it’s compelling and ingeniously goal-based. The killer is that it knows when you’re slacking, falling out of time or cheating, and it does its best to pull you back on track. It’s not as cute or instantly appealing as Wii Fit, but it’s probably going to prove a lot more effective.

We know that some of you will have read about those games and sneered in disgust. You’ll moan about Wii-style shovelware and games for people who aren’t gamers. That’s fine. As we said, Kinect is not for you. The fact is, however, that Kinect delivers on Microsoft’s promise of turning you into a controller, and in a way that will leave those with enough space to play it in flabbergasted, gobsmacked, thrilled and entertained. Big questions remain over Kinect. Can the software be improved to reduce lag times or work better in a smaller space? Can Microsoft deliver a stream of great and innovative games? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever happens, this is an impressive start.

Kinect has issues with space and size, and its games won’t appeal to the hardcore market. Yet it effortlessly transforms the Xbox 360 into a family games console, and one with more ‘wow’ factor than anything since the Wii. With several strong launch titles, there’s no reason not to dive in.