WebOS 2.0 - Multimedia Review


Unlike many rival devices, you can simply drag and drop your media files onto a WebOS device, and the phone will automatically arrange them into folders and albums.

The music player is a neat and simple affair that gets the job done with aplomb. It’s really easy to navigate through your tunes and it has some useful features like a Shuffle All button on the first screen when you open the app. When you minimise it while a song is playing, a small musical note icon appears in the bottom right corner giving you access to basic controls.

The video player is very basic in terms of interface but gets the job done. It supports MPEG4, H.264 and H.263 playback and despite the Palm Pre 2’s small screen it looks great and runs smoothly. A dedicated YouTube app is on hand for online footage and it’s very nice to use.

Picture viewing is done through a simple app that displays folders of images in a list then the images themselves in a grid. Open one image and you can smoothly swipe left and right to the rest. You can also add accounts to the interface (currently Facebook and PhotoBucket) for uploading straight from the photo viewer.