WebOS 2.0 - Email and Web



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All the usual options are available for email with IMAP, POP3 and Exchange accounts supported. All your emails can be gathered into a single inbox for quick viewing and, rather conveniently, if you go back a step the folders for each account are displayed below the main inboxes for each account, giving you instant access to the specific folder you’re looking for, without having to go back and forth between accounts, as on the iPhone for instance. There isn’t, however, and threaded message support.

Start a new message and it’s quick and easy to choose which account you’re sending it from, search for a recipients, and attach documents, photos, music, or videos. Typing out your message is helped by a decent typing engine with adequate predictive text support. You can also define shortcuts whereby tapping a couple of letters will result in a whole word being spelt out. Sadly there still isn’t support for onscreen keyboards so you’re stuck with physical ones as on the Palm Pre 2, which is decent but certainly not the best.

Text editing functions are also available though they’re not the easiest to use, requiring you to hold down shift while selecting text then pressing C while holding down a finger on the gesture zone to copy and holding down V with a finger on the gesture zone to paste. In fairness, it sounds more complicated than it actually is, though given our desire to have a fully touchscreen phone running WebOS, Palm will have to come up with an alternative method for such situations.

The web browser is excellent – one of the best available – with rapid, accurate rendering of all the webpages we tried. Pinch to zoom is on offer as is support for Flash video, which is handled very neatly – tap a flash element and it selects it, locking the screen to it, making it easier to navigate within the app. You can then turn the screen to landscape mode and the element will automatically fill the screen. Tap the cross to exit the element and you can resize and navigate the screen as per usual.