WebOS 2.0 - Calling, Contacts and Messaging



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Key to the WebOS experience is integration of information from multiple sources and this is probably most noticeable in your contacts where after adding Facebook, Palm, Exchange and other email accounts you will find your contacts bursting with addresses, pictures and other bits of information.

If you end up with multiple entries for each contact, it’s a simple task to link them together into one super contact from which you can access all their information. Sadly selecting a contact doesn’t actually show the messages they’ve sent or the Facebook updates they’ve made, nor does clicking the Facebook icon on their profile actually go to Facebook. So while social networking integration is there, it’s not quite on the level of some rivals.

The dialler is a simple enough affair with nice large buttons and quick access to contacts, call history, favourites, and voicemail. The presence of an onscreen keypad does rather highlight how it surely can’t be that difficult to add an equivalent option across the rest of the phone.

Text messages are handled as smartly as we’ve come to expect nowadays with texts exchanged with one contact arranged together into a conversation. Tap the button at the top of the screen and you can access your IM buddies, indeed IMs and SMS texts are nested into the same conversation. Sadly Windows Live! Messenger isn’t supported.