WebOS 2.0 - Apps, Maps and Verdict



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GoogleMaps is included and it works just as well as on the iPhone and Android, though it lacks the former’s smooth transitions when zooming in and out. Directions are supported, though the interface isn’t quite as slick as some alternatives with no support for zooming in on the map and following you as you go along.

QuickOffice and PDF View are onboard ready for reading, though not editing, documents while all the usual apps for Memos, Clock, Tasks and Calculator are also available.

Delving into the App Catalog reveals a rather spartan selection, which isn’t helped by a slightly unintuitive interface – the icons along the bottom are particularly perplexing. Some basics like Twitter aren’t represented by official apps, though there are plenty of 3rd party alternatives. Likewise, most general utilities are available. Games support is also improving thanks to better hardware support in the OS. Angry Birds is the headline new addition at the moment and it does indeed work very well and is just as much fun as on any other device. There’s no escaping the fact that WebOS seriously trails in the competition in this area currently, though.

One highlight, however, is the Facebook app, which is simply the best on the market right now. You can open each part of the app – the news feed, picture viewer etc – in a separate card and easily flip between them all. You can also apply filters to the news feed and the whole thing is just beautifully presented.


WebOS was always an impressively slick operating system and it remains ahead of most of the competition in terms of sheer enjoyment to use. This is now also backed up by rapid performance and a wealth of features that again puts it at least on par with the rest. Certainly if you’re after a phone with the elegance and slickness of the iPhone and Windows Phone 7 but want something a bit more open, adaptable and capable, then it’s well worth considering. However, currently it does trail in terms of app support and most damning of all is it’s only available on the Palm Pre 2, which is an okay phone but really should be better.